Want to have the abs of Ryan Gosling in Barbie? Advice from a coach

Want to have the abs of Ryan Gosling in Barbie?  Advice from a coach

A flat, muscular stomach. Many dream of it, but you still need to know the exercises that allow you to work the abdominals without injuring yourself. Emma Brigitte, sports coach, gives us her pro advice and her special abs program to do at the gym or at home.

How to get abs?

In reality, we all have abss’amuse Emma Brigitte, coach sportive1. they are just hidden deep.“To find them and reveal them to the light of day, it is necessary to begin, adopt a balanced diet in “limiting carbonated drinks and avoiding fats and the sucre“, advises the professional.

Holy abs! What are they for ?

The abs are the muscles of the antero-lateral wall of the abdomen. They include four muscles on each side: the rectus abdominis, the large oblique, the small oblique and the transverse (deeper muscle).

All maintain the viscera and are trunk flexors. They protect the internal muscles during intense efforts. They also absorb some of the pressure and above all relieve the spine. Finally, they participate in maintaining the abdominal strap which, when loose or insufficiently muscled, leads to problems.

Be careful too at the pace of your exercises. want to be too fast is not only bad for the muscles of the abdominal strap but also for other muscles such as the perineum. The idea is to work in depthwith a slow rhythm.

Breathing is also very important during the practice since “muscles contract when you breathe“.

Well in his body, well in his head!

Exercises to develop your abs

Several exercises accessible to both beginners and experienced allow you to work the muscles of the abdominal strap. For fast results – 1 month and a half – think about making your cardio and strength training sessions three times a week.

Exercice 1 : les russian twist

Sitting on your buttocks, knees bent and feet on the ground, place your back straight and join hands. Then, while inhaling and exhaling, turn the chest and hands to one side, then gently to the other. “This exercise is great for work the obliques“, specifies the coach.

Exercise 2: crunches

These are classic abs“, she says. Lying on the ground, place your feet flat and bend your legs. Place your hands at ear level, and raise the bust thanks to the contraction of the abdominals, and not by pulling with your hands or helping yourself by gaining momentum. “Attention, contract the perineum well during exercise because, performed incorrectly or too quickly, crunches gradually ruin this muscle.

Exercise 3: the plank

A great exercise that does not require not just abs but all muscles. To enter the pose, sit on your knees. Then, put the palms of the hands on the ground or the elbows and straighten the legs. Your back should be straight, the buttocks in alignment with the spine. The same for the neck. The idea is really look like a flat surface. “Don’t forget good tighten abs and buttocks” she completes. Stay in the position breathing deeply for 30 seconds1 min if you are used to it.

Exercise 4: the side plank

Stay in plank pose for pass to the side : on the right elbow or hand. Raise your left hand in the air to help you stay straight. Your body should not don’t bend down. The belly and the buttocks are always contracted, the back is straight, the breathing, deep. Hold 30 seconds or 1 min depending on your level.

Exercise 5: extension crunches

You are lying down on the back, arms and legs straight. Bring it all back together so that hands touch heels. Breathe, lower the limbs. Repeat several times.