Want to sleep better? Immerse yourself in a podcast

Want to sleep better?  Immerse yourself in a podcast

Insomnia, nights that are too short, nightmares, daytime sleepiness… Millions of people suffer from sleep disorders around the world. If there are different treatments to remedy it, some try to fall asleep faster by listening to podcasts. A technique that is gaining more and more followers, according to a survey by Acast.

The Swedish platform surveyed* several hundred regular podcast listeners to find out their habits. Some 48% of respondents have already listened to one of these audio programs at bedtime, in the hope of falling asleep more easily. More than three quarters of them did it to relax, which could indirectly help them fall more easily into Morpheus’ arms.

Two groups of podcast listeners in bed

There are two groups of listeners who listen to podcasts as part of their evening routine:

  • The first is made up of individuals who prefer programs on sleep and relaxation to fall asleep. They also sometimes listen to podcasts on health and well-being, or even audio dramas, to prepare for bedtime. Most of them are between 25 and 44 years old (78% of cases), and are male (55%);
  • The second includes listeners listening to the same type of podcasts during the day as in the evening. Their cute sin for sleeping? Comedies and true stories. The members of this cohort cover a greater demographic variety of age than those of the first group, even if 20% of them are under 25 years old.

Despite their differences, these podcast listeners have a lot in common when it comes to their nighttime ritual.

Delay sleep to hear the end of the story?

First, they slightly delay falling asleep to enjoy their evening podcast more. Indeed, they take, on average, ten minutes longer to fall asleep than those who do not listen to a podcast before bed. In detail, a third of evening podcast fans fall asleep in more than 30 minutes (compared to 14% for other listeners). This attitude is reminiscent of children who try to stay awake longer to enjoy the stories their parents read to them before bedtime.

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Highly focused listeners

Furthermore, people who listen to podcasts before going to sleep are much less likely to skip the ads they contain than those who listen to them during the day. Additionally, 54% of podcast listeners recalled an ad they heard the night before, before falling asleep. More than a third of them also made a purchase after hearing an advertising message while falling into the arms of Morpheus.

These statistics prove that when listening to podcasts in a calming environment, listeners are extremely focused on what they hear. Exciting news for advertisers.

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