What express procedures can be done before the New Year at the Fonte salon?

What express procedures can be done before the New Year at the Fonte salon?

For face

“Before the New Year, you can do a one-time hardware procedure; this is a win-win option before the holiday, as it gives an amazing effect even in one go,” says Irina Kudryavtseva, cosmetologist at the Fonte beauty salon. — It is based on Mitocell TDA serum with the highest concentration of active ingredients, which provides a powerful restorative effect, promotes the synthesis of young collagen and elastin, relieves tissue tension, swelling, visibly smoothes wrinkles, and gives an instant lifting effect. And lactic acid gives the skin radiance. The effect is smooth, radiant skin and a relaxed, rested face. And after the holidays, I recommend going through this procedure in order to delight others with your fresh look all winter.”

For body

“When it comes to instant internal energy recharging, nothing beats a manual massage,” reminds body specialist and Fonte spa therapist Alexandra Chassowska. “It is through this procedure that the master can literally feel the needs of the body with his hands, individually select a technique for restoring and correcting the current state, and work not only with bodily tension, but also with energy blocks.

The Thalion spa treatment with the “Sea Calcium” mask is ideal for a manual massage, which will not only fill the body with calcium and magnesium, but also restore energy, relieve emotional and physical stress, and with the help of a final double-action cream, make the skin moisturized and tightened.

And if you want to choose the only procedure that will help you solve the problem of a couple of extra pounds after numerous holiday feasts, then my recommendation is the Thalion “Triactive” spa treatment, which helps reduce body volume by removing excess fluid and a wonderful state of relaxation.”

For hair

“Olaplex and K18 remain hits among express procedures,” says Damir Asgar, top hair stylist (Fonte beauty salon). — The result will be especially bright on damaged, lightened and porous ones. Both of these treatments will create a wow effect. Your hair will look healthy, well-groomed, dense and very, very shiny. And to keep them looking healthy even longer, even after the holidays, you will need Tokio Inkarami care. It takes longer than K18 and Olaplex – an hour and a half including styling, but you get a total restoration of the structure. Your hair will look absolutely gorgeous even after the New Year.”