What Grown Alchemist products will help gently cleanse and moisturize your skin?

What Grown Alchemist products will help gently cleanse and moisturize your skin?

Gentle gel for washing “Geranium, bergamot, rose”

Dry, sensitive or combination skin can sometimes find it difficult to choose a cleanser because there is a chance of causing irritation, flaking and dryness. To avoid this, Grown Alchemist has developed a formula based on a delicate complex of plant extracts that gently removes impurities without causing discomfort, soothing and allowing the skin to breathe. Among the main components:

  • chamomile, bergamot and willow bark, which reduce the appearance of pores and reduce the appearance of age spots;
  • polyphenols from rose petals, obtained by cold pressing, give the skin a more even tone and moisturize it;
  • Polysaccharides from aloe vera maintain skin elasticity.
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Facial scrub “Pink grapefruit and glucomannan”

For a deeper cleanse, Grown Alchemist offers a scrub with abrasive particles that gently removes dead skin cells. For gentle cleansing, the product contains the following components:

  • pink grapefruit extract, rich in vitamin C, fights free radicals;
  • aloe and bamboo extracts moisturize;
  • peppermint leaf extract soothes the skin and makes it smoother;
  • glucomannan from konjac root cleanses the skin, removes excess sebum, helps cleanse pores;
  • corn starch normalizes the secretion of the sebaceous glands.
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Balancing tonic “Rose, ginseng, chamomile”

To soften skin, even out skin tone, instantly lift and brighten skin, the Australian brand has developed a refreshing, invigorating toner that also supports the natural balance of microflora and unclogs pores. To do this, the following was added to the product:

  • olive and chamomile extracts, which delicately smooth the skin without drying it out;
  • ginseng and aloe vera tone, soften and relieve irritation;
  • Vitamin C protects against free radicals.
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Acai & Borage Mattifying Moisturizer

With the onset of warm weather, you want to use only light but effective products. Acai & Borage Mattifying Moisturizer has a lightweight texture that controls sebum production, leaving skin looking smoother and more rested. Contains:

  • acai berries, rich in omega-6 and -9, have a powerful antioxidant and antibacterial effect;
  • polyphenols from camellia seed oil are needed to normalize the pH balance and the level of sebum production;
  • Aloe vera and tomato extracts retain moisture in the epidermis, helping to restore the skin after oxidative stress resulting from exposure to UV rays.
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