What is 30-30-30, the increasingly popular method for losing weight quickly?

What is 30-30-30, the increasingly popular method for losing weight quickly?

Very popular currently, the 30-30-30 rule promises to lose weight quickly. But what does it consist of? Is it safe for health? Explanations.

Many slimming diets promise quick and easy weight loss. However, few are truly balanced and can avoid the yoyo effect. The 30-30-30 rule stands out from the others here because of its balanced approach: it combines reduced calories, sport and conscious consumption.

What is the 30-30-30 method?

Concretely, the 30-30-30 method consists of reducing caloric intake by 30%, while carrying out 30 minutes of mindful meals, as well as 30 minutes of exercises daily.

By conscious consumption, we mean eating lunch or dinner “mindfully”, that is to say, concentrating on what you are eating, without distraction (so no more phones and other television sets on). This good habit allows you to relearn what satiety is.

In terms of sport, there is no need to commit to climbing or boxing: gentle sports such as pilates, yoga or even brisk walking are allowed provided you move daily.

Added to this, the famous calorie deficit, which can be spread throughout the day (we replace the milk-jam bread for breakfast with a slice of ham and a slice of wholemeal bread) we stock up on vegetables in the evening… And of course, we eliminate sodas, sweets and other fatty products.

Reducing caloric intake does not necessarily lead to a reduction in portions: a small sweet yogurt is not easily equivalent to a large bowl of cottage cheese and fresh fruit, etc.

In case of diet, calling on an expert is recommended

Despite everything, to follow this rather simple diet on paper, calling on a dietitian-nutritionist is recommended in order to intelligently review your meals and menus for the week.

It allows you to lose weight without danger and helps you lose weight without hunger or fatigue.