What is “solar guilt”, this frequent depression when the sunny days arrive?

What is “solar guilt”, this frequent depression when the sunny days arrive?

After the famous seasonal depression which affects around 1 in 10 people, here is the “solar guilt” of which you may be a victim… TipsForWomens sheds light on this phenomenon.

Finally, the sunny days are back and with them, the milder temperatures and the rays of the sun so comforting for morale. Yes, but here you are, you haven’t yet taken the time to enjoy outdoor activities and you feel guilty… You are not alone; in fact, according to American psychologist Nadia Teymoorian, you surely feel “solar guilt”. Shedding light on this phenomenon.

“Solar guilt”, a link with FOMO?

Invented by the American coach and psychologist Nadia Teymoorian as she explains in the columns of HuffPost, it is a “feeling of regret that sets in as soon as you stay indoors on a sunny day and it can be particularly disturbing when you imagine that everyone is outside having a good time“. This phenomenon would thus be linked to FOMO or “fear of missing out”. A fear exacerbated by social networks which tends to affect many individuals, particularly as soon as the sunny days return. While you see your friends )s post photos of them enjoying a walk in the fresh air, all you want to do is stay at home watching a series or simply do nothing… Don’t panic, you are not an isolated case, many people tend to compare themselves to others, especially via social networks. The most important thing, listen to you and your needs. And good news, the pretty woods near you will be just as pretty and pleasant to explore in a few weeks!

Spring fatigue that has a scientific explanation

If you still think that you should go out more when the sunny days arrive, know that this spring fatigue also has a scientific explanation. Indeed, in winter, our body produces more melatonin, this hormone which causes us to fall asleep. On the contrary, in summer, sunshine and brightness generate significant production of serotonin, the well-being hormone. In spring, our body is a little jostled because it still produces a lot of melatonin even though the sunrise comes earlier, especially after the time change! By the time your body and your morale are synchronized, you sometimes have the impression of being very tired and feeling a slight depression. However, if symptoms of depression persist, it is recommended to consult a specialist in order to obtain insight and support adapted to the needs.