What is the worst milk chocolate bar sold in supermarkets, according to 60 million consumers?

What is the worst milk chocolate bar sold in supermarkets, according to 60 million consumers?

Are you hesitating between several milk chocolate references for a square of comfort? The magazine 60 million consumers tested the composition of numerous well-known references in its November edition and is able to give the name of the worst tablet… but also that of the best.

Chocolate in its milk version is less good for your health. But we must recognize its comforting and sweet power appreciated by children and adults. So, if we have to go for the candy aisle, is there a reference to avoid or favor? The magazine 60 million consumers reviewed 35 well-known chocolate bars (Dark, hazelnut and milk) sold in our supermarkets. We now know which milk chocolate bar to avoid.

The “less good” tablet is a well-known brand

60 million consumers thus paid attention to the composition, as well as the price and the ethical commitments of the different brands. As for milk chocolates, no surprise, all the references obtain “poor” nutriscores (i.e. E). According to the magazine, the composition would be quite similar depending on the tablets: a third of cocoa (the minimum required by legalization), sugar and milk. And no fiber, hence the fairly poor nutriscore.

The worst milk chocolate according to the media is Lindt Excellence, Extra melting milk, partly because of its high price (13.95 euros per kilo). Its sugar, fiber, protein and fat content did not convince the magazine compared to other references, despite a low lecithin content, an additive often used to improve the texture of chocolate. The product remains labeled “Lindt Cocoa Farming Program”, but is not controlled by independent organizations.

NO to diets, YES to WW!

And the best milk chocolates?

In this panel, however, three milk chocolate bars obtain better results than the others:

  • L’Fair trade milk, organic, obtains a good point thanks to the Équitable Europe producers paysans label and receives a score of 11/20 from the magazine. ;
  • The Monoprix extra fine milk chocolate stands out thanks to the Fair Trad Max Havelaar label. It is also the cheapest in the ranking;
  • Chocolate Côte d’Or the original milkclimbs onto the third step of this gourmet podium with a score of 10.5/20.

Three tablets a little better than the others, but consume sparingly!

10 chocolates on the test bench

Slide: 10 chocolates on test