What procedures to do in early spring: advice from cosmetologists

What procedures to do in early spring: advice from cosmetologists
What procedures to do in early spring: advice from cosmetologists

Marina Kulbaeva, cosmetologist at the Remedy Lab clinic

BBL procedure

As a result of the BBL procedure, tissue renewal processes are launched, visible and hidden dermatological problems are eliminated. After a course of such procedures, skin cells live longer and age more slowly. BBL (broadband light) technology is based on high-intensity broadband light, which by heating all layers of the skin triggers the process of natural regeneration. In addition, it can be used to target various defects in a targeted manner.

BBL photorejuvenation is equally effective on the face, neck, décolleté, legs and other areas of the body, restoring skin structure and increasing the production of natural collagen. The skin becomes younger, more elastic, wrinkles, rosacea and pigmentation become less noticeable.

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Types of BBL:

  • BBL phototherapy – treatment of vascular pathologies: rosacea and rosacea, pigmentation;
  • BBL Forever Clear — acne and post-acne treatment;
  • BBL Skin Tyte II – exposure to infrared light stimulates the synthesis of new collagen, used for lifting, tightening and tightening the skin of the face and body;
  • BBL Forever Young – rejuvenation of skin cells at the genetic level, a combination of BBL and SkinTyte phototherapy in one procedure.

The BBL procedure begins with a consultation, during which the cosmetologist will clarify the patient’s wishes, examine and question him about contraindications. Depending on the task, the necessary BBL protocol is selected: the required wavelengths and the corresponding filter colors. Moles are painted over with a white pencil. A conductive gel is applied to the face, and the eyes are covered with protective glasses. During the procedure, light energy is delivered to the skin as evenly as possible. Thanks to the filters, the impulse itself is absorbed by a specific object – melanin, hemoglobin, connective fibers. Upon completion of the procedure, the gel and white pencil are removed from the skin, and moisturizer and sunscreen are applied.

As a result, the functioning of fibroblast cells and cellular regeneration are improved, the synthesis of new collagen is stimulated, excess melanin is destroyed, and damaged blood vessels disappear.

Rehabilitation after the procedure is not required – slight redness is possible, which disappears within 30-60 minutes. It is advisable not to sunbathe for two to three weeks before and after the photorejuvenation procedure. Afterwards, you need to protect your skin with cream with SPF 30+.

What procedures to do in early spring: advice from cosmetologists

Elena Tveritinova, dermatocosmetologist, expert in hardware and injection cosmetology Remedy Lab

Vivace RF needle lifting

The main advantage of Vivace RF needle lifting is that it provides high efficiency without excessive aggressiveness with a minimal recovery period. It is suitable for rejuvenation before the onset of the sunny period.


For young patients, one of the best ways to restore the skin and prepare it for active exposure to the sun is through injections of bioremedies with amino acids. The peculiarity of this procedure is not only the treatment of already accumulated skin damage, but also the prevention of pigmentation and photodamage from the sun.

Peelings with exosomes

For those who do not like injections, an innovative rejuvenation method is suitable – the surface application of molecules such as exosomes. Peeling can be a separate procedure or used in combination with lymphatic drainage microcurrent therapy. This method makes it possible to achieve the desired anti-aging effect without the use of injections.

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It is important to note that prior to undergoing any cosmetic procedure, consultation with an experienced cosmetic physician is essential to determine the best course of action to achieve the desired results.