What to do with your old glasses?

What to do with your old glasses?

When you have vision problems, you have to change your glasses regularly. What to do with your old pairs? Here are some ideas that will help you get rid of them, without throwing them away.

On average, a person changes their pair of glasses every three years. We then quickly accumulate old pairs, without knowing what to do with them. Here are some tips to help you get rid of it.

What are the solutions for recycling your glasses?

First of all, remember that it may be desirable to keep an old pair of glasses, in case the one you use every day breaks. But if your eyesight has changed too much or if you have benefited from an advantageous offer which allows you to have two or even three pairs at a time, keeping old pairs of glasses is not necessarily very useful. When you no longer need a pair of glasses, it is possible to give them away to give them a second life.

Return your glasses to your optician

If you want to change your pair of glasses, for reasons of aesthetics or comfort, you can return your old pair to your optician. Generally, major brands collect old pairs. Objective: to benefit other people, in poor countries, who do not necessarily have access to this type of device. Associations also take care of this, to give them to the most deprived.

Finally, it is also possible to recycle your glasses. By being recycled, the materials of the glasses will be intended for a second use.

Recycle your old pair, for yourself or your loved ones

If you want to keep a pair of glasses that suits you well, it is possible to change only the lenses. They can also be repaired, in certain cases, ask your optician for advice.

Finally, last solution: share it with your loved ones. In the same way that an optician can only change the lenses on a frame, he can do it for one of your loved ones, who can recover one of your old frames!