7 signs of anxiety you’re not paying attention to

7 signs of anxiety you're not paying attention to

Feeling stress, a knot in your stomach… Anxiety is a phenomenon that we think we know. However, it sometimes pushes us into certain behaviors that we do not necessarily identify as such. Here are seven, with Johanna Rozemblum, clinical psychologist.

When we talk about anxiety, we immediately imagine a spike in stress and a knot in our stomach. But it can also manifest itself in other forms and sometimes in ways that one would not suspect. What are these signs of anxiety that we ignore?

Avoidance behavior

When we are anxious, we avoid meeting people. “We then unconsciously put in place an avoidance strategy, which means that we no longer want to go to groups, whether with friends, at work or even in the metro. explains Johanna Rozenblum.

Somatic manifestations

Tension headaches, back pain, stomach aches…. “Anxiety can also manifest itself as pain, which should not be ignored” estimates the expert.

Sleep disorders

If you suffer from insomnia or wake up early, this may be a sign of anxiety. “During the day, you may not be aware of anxiety, but at night, once you are calm, disturbed sleep is a sign.” indicates the psychologist.

Eating disorders

Do you feel a loss of appetite or, on the contrary, hyperphagia? “Eating disorders are common in anxiety, we can feel a lump in the throat that prevents us from swallowing anything, a loss of appetite or on the contrary feel hyperphagia, with a need to fill a void , through eating, this is what we call emotional eating. confides the expert.

The increase in toxic consumption

Whether it is alcohol, tobacco or cannabis, toxins are more often consumed in cases of anxiety. “It is often insidious, because we increase our consumption without really realizing it. For alcohol, for example, it goes from a glass of alcohol one evening from time to time, to every evening” explains Johanna Rozenblum.

Labile mood

Anxiety affects our body but also our mood. “A person who changes their mood in the same day may suffer from anxiety. She can be very cheerful, then start crying over nothing, before laughing again… This is due to the reduction in emotional resources, which are consumed unconsciously in managing anxiety and prevent have emotional stability” specifies the specialist.

Behavioral disorders

Biting your nails, scratching your skin, developing OCD… “Falling into this type of disorder masks anxiety. OCD in particular allows you to reassure yourself, to provide a framework for a situation that you have difficulty controlling” concludes the psychologist.