What to look for in the Doucal’s spring-summer shoe collection

What to look for in the Doucal's spring-summer shoe collection

In the coming season, the Italian brand has relied on loafers. Why not? This is a timeless shape that is always relevant and suits almost any style. Doucal’s loafers are inspired by the styles worn in the first half of the 20th century. All models are handmade from deco leather. Its specialty lies in its processing. First, the best types of calfskin are selected, which are given a neutral shade, then the leather is dyed with an additional layer of tinting. Due to the manual process, no two pairs of shoes are alike. Each has its own color, toning and gloss; even small defects in the leather make the shoes special.

What models are included in the collection? For example, classic penny loafers with a new interpretation. The Full Penny Loafer features the signature upper design with a decorative cutout that remains the same, but the sole can be taller or lower. Doucal’s hasn’t forgotten about its iconic tassel and strap loafers. The woven Orvieto with Blake construction comes in black and blue with tassels and a leather insole. Granada loafers made of milky leather are decorated not only with tassels and fringes, but also with a sole in the brand’s signature yellow golden cream shade.

The Mario 50 model, named after Mario Giannini, the founder of the brand, deserves special attention. These sleek loafers feature a half-Sacchetto construction and a removable memory foam insole. The designers chose a golden cream shade for the leather sole and added a black rubber insert.

The women’s line also includes several lightweight and flexible models, the shape of which is inspired by men’s loafers. For example, the suede Megan with Sacchetto construction also features an iconic yellow outsole.