When to change your smartphone? Five signs that you need to go to the store for a new one

When to change your smartphone?  Five signs that you need to go to the store for a new one

The simplest incentive to change your smartphone is that you are bored with the current model and your soul is asking for something new. But not everyone likes to spend money on technology, especially since a good gadget is not cheap. These five important signs indicate that it is better not to postpone the purchase – otherwise, the smartphone may fail at any time.

1. Discharges very quickly

If your smartphone worked for one and a half to two days, and now it’s running out of charge by lunchtime, this is a reason to think about either replacing the battery or buying a new gadget. Often you can simply replace the battery – such a service procedure costs 3-10 thousand rubles. The price depends on the cost of the device itself.

In the settings of some smartphones you can find information about the battery status. For example, on an iPhone, this can be done by going to Settings → Battery → Battery Health → Maximum Capacity. This will allow you to understand how much the battery has degraded over time.

However, the battery is not always to blame for rapid discharge. It happens that a smartphone is outdated and has difficulty coping with modern software. A weak processor may not be able to handle programs that are becoming more and more demanding. Because of this, energy consumption increases greatly. In this case, replacing the battery will only improve the situation a little, and you should still take a closer look at a new phone.

2. The speed of work has dropped significantly

The situation is the same with the speed of a smartphone: there are two main reasons why the gadget slows down. If your phone is overloaded with unnecessary applications and old photos, system errors have accumulated, and there are more than a hundred tabs open in the browser, there is no need to change the device. It’s enough to just remove everything unnecessary.

As a last resort, you can reset to factory settings. Then you will have to reinstall applications and log in to your accounts, but the smartphone will work quickly again.

It will no longer be possible to cope with the second reason. The operating system, applications, Internet pages – all this over time requires more powerful equipment. An inexpensive phone can become very outdated in just three or four years. Cleaning didn’t help and programs are still difficult to open? This means that the smartphone has ceased to be relevant – it is better to choose a newer device.

3. There is damage to the screen or case

This is one of the main reasons why you should replace your smartphone as soon as possible. Not every defect can be repaired without serious overpayment. For example, replacing a screen sometimes costs almost the price of a new phone. A swollen battery can break the case cover and damage other elements – replacing the battery alone is no longer enough.

Some of the most common breakdowns include broken screens and covers, damaged batteries, and broken charging ports. There are also specific problems: stripes appear on the screen, or the smartphone begins to turn off by itself.

If it seems that the old gadget will still serve, it is better not to delay repairs and not aggravate the situation, but to contact a service center, where they will tell you the cost of spare parts and labor. Compare this amount with the price of a new smartphone and make your final decision – to repair or replace it.

4. Internal memory is full and there is nothing to delete

The memory of any smartphone fills up over time. This happens every time we take a photo, shoot a video, or install a new program.

If your Android smartphone supports a memory card, you can manually transfer photos, documents and other files to it. But not all Android devices have this feature, and the iPhone does not support microSD at all.

You can also buy space in cloud storage (for example, on Yandex Disk) to upload photos and videos there. But this consumes Internet traffic and is not always convenient.

For those who want to save files that have accumulated on an old smartphone, we advise you to take a gadget with a large amount of memory. For example, instead of 64 GB, choose 256 or even 512. And then transfer photos, videos and applications from the old phone to the new one – most Android and iOS devices have a convenient transfer function.

5. Lacks convenient features

Every year, new features appear in smartphones that make life much easier for the user. And many options that were previously the prerogative of only expensive devices are becoming cheaper and more accessible over time.

It’s worth keeping an eye on what’s new on the market and changing your smartphone every couple of years if you take a lot of photographs and shoot videos. The quality of images in mobile cameras is improving every year – especially for flagship models. Some iPhone 15 Pro or Xiaomi 13 Ultra will replace the camera during vacation and allow you to create high-quality content for social networks.

There are other options for which you can take a closer look at the new phone. For example, protection from water. Previously, it was only available in top models, but now it is not difficult to find a mid-level smartphone that is not afraid of rain and will not break if accidentally dropped into a country pool – for example, the Samsung Galaxy A54. The same applies to wireless charging, a fingerprint scanner, e-SIM support or stereo speakers – they can make using a smartphone much more enjoyable.