Arianna Rapaccioni and the long love affair with Sinisa Mihajlovic (whom she married twice)

Arianna Rapaccioni love affair with Sinisa Mihajlovic

Who is Mihajlovic’s wife, Arianna Rapaccioni: the 26-year marriage and 5 children

In just one year, Arianna and Sinisa’s love story unfolded – a chance meeting, love at first sight, and the deepening of their affection. The subsequent year saw them becoming husband and wife. Arianna Rapaccioni, a showgirl and soubrette, and Sinisa Mihajlovic, a Serie A footballer, embarked on a remarkable Italian love story from the nineties.

Sinisa Mihajlovic, the former Serbian footballer and coach who sadly passed away at the age of 53, had become more than just a sports icon. He was celebrated for his tough on-field persona but delicate skills. This image was further solidified by his battle with acute myeloid leukemia, a condition he had been diagnosed with three years prior.

Throughout his ordeal, Arianna stood steadfastly by his side. The couple exchanged vows in 1996 and were blessed with five children together: Victoria, Virginia, Miroslav, Dusan, and Nicholas. Sinisa also had a son from a previous relationship, named Marko. Meeting Arianna hadn’t changed his character; rather, it had deepened his love and devotion.

Reflecting on their whirlwind romance, Arianna once shared in an interview on Domenica In how her life had been transformed by their love: “Sinisa came into my life and changed everything. I left my career in Luna Park halfway through the year we met in 1995, and we were married by 1996. Our love was instant, and from that moment on, we were inseparable.”

Arianna Rapaccioni and the long love affair with Sinisa Mihajlovic

Arianna Rapaccioni and farewell to her career on TV (for the love of Sinisa)

In the early nineties, Arianna had made a name for herself as a soubrette and dancer on television programs such as Luna Park and Quelli che il calcio. At the time, Sinisa was representing Sampdoria on the football field. He once confessed in an interview with Today, “During the first month of our relationship, I didn’t even make a move. I was so deeply in love with her that I wanted her to know my feelings were sincere and not just driven by physical attraction.”

To mark their enduring love, the couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a ceremony at the Stella Maris Church in Porto Cervo, renewing the promises they had made all those years ago. Their love story, which began in the nineties, remains a testament to the power of love at first sight and the strength of a bond that lasts a lifetime.

“After nearly a quarter-century of marriage and raising five children, I’m fully aware that I owe her everything. Without her unwavering support during my battle against leukemia, I might not have survived,” confessed the coach in an interview with Today. Arianna Mihajlovic shared a heartfelt sentiment on Instagram, posting a photo with her husband, saying, “It’s like coming home, putting the keys at the entrance, and smiling because you know you’re safe.” On Instagram, Arianna Mihajlovic has garnered 107 thousand followers.

Who was Sinisa Mihajlovic

Sinisa Mihajlovic, born on February 20, 1966, in Vukovar, Croatia, honed his football skills in Borovo, initially in the youth team and later in the first team. His heritage was a blend of Serbian and Croatian, with his father being Serbian and his mother Croatian. He achieved great success with Red Star Belgrade, winning a European Cup. In Italy, he played for renowned clubs like Roma, Sampdoria, Lazio, and Inter Milan. As a footballer, he clinched two championships, four Italian cups, and four European trophies. After retiring in 2006, he ventured into coaching, starting as Roberto Mancini’s assistant at Inter. His coaching career saw him lead teams like Bologna, Catania, Fiorentina, the Serbian national team, Sampdoria, Milan, Turin, Sporting Lisbon, and a return to Bologna. He parted ways with the Bologna club in September of the previous year, making way for former midfielder Thiago Motta.

In July 2019, he received the devastating diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia. “I spent the night crying, and the tears haven’t stopped, but I’m not afraid,” stated the then Bologna coach. “I’m heading to the hospital on Tuesday, and I’m eager to begin the battle for recovery. I’ve conveyed to my players that I’ll fight to win, just as I’ve taught them on the pitch. I will triumph over this challenge; there’s no doubt. The disease is aggressive, but it can be tackled. It will take time, but I will heal.”

Arianna Rapaccioni and Sinisa Mihajlovic, the ‘double’ marriage for 26 years 

A month later, after three hospitalizations and a transplant, he was already back on the coaching bench. His fight transcended the realm of football fans, and in 2020, he even made an appearance at the Sanremo Festival. In March, he announced in a press conference that he needed to undergo a new round of treatments to combat the recurrence of the disease. “This time, to borrow a football term, I won’t tackle my opponent; I’ll preemptively play the ball,” he said during the press conference. “This disease is audacious to come back against an opponent like me. This is the journey of life; sometimes you encounter unexpected potholes, you may stumble, but you must summon the strength to rise again.” His most recent public appearance was at the start of the month, during the presentation of a book by his friend and now colleague, Zdenek Zeman.