Who is Fiorella Totti, the mother of Francesco Totti and mother-in-law of Ilary Blasi

Chi è Fiorella Totti, la mamma di Francesco Totti e suocera di Ilary Blasi

We know Fiorella Totti better: her private life, her bond with her son Francesco and her relationship with Ilary

For all Roma fans, the name of Fiorella Totti appears very familiar: mother of the Giallorossi "pupone", Fiorella has always been a caring and discreet presence in the life of her son Francesco.

Fiorella is an important point of reference in the life of the former Roma player and in that of Ilary Blasi, his daughter-in-law, with whom he has established a relationship of affection and complicity.

In Mrs. Totti's love life there is only one great love: Enzo Totti. From her marriage to the man, the woman had two children: Francesco and Riccardo. On 12 October 2020 Fiorella had to say goodbye to her life partner, who died at the age of 76. The two, linked by a passion for football and love, have proven to be the most ardent fans of their "champion": always together in life and in the stands to see Francesco play in his memorable matches with Roma.

Fiorella, the "mother of the pupone", has chosen to live away from the spotlight, leading a reserved life, in her home in the Axa neighborhood, near Ostia. Discreet, humble and caring, she has followed her son Francesco since the beginning. Totti stated that it was she who accompanied him to training and encouraged him. On more than one occasion, Ilary Blasi's husband said that his mother was waiting patiently for him in the car, learning his son's daily lessons and then repeating them on the way back home.

Always wearing the Giallorossi shirt, Fiorella followed Francesco in every match, exulting at every victory, and saw him become a true champion. Totti himself never hid the importance his mother had in his career, thanking her publicly also on social media: "If I stayed in Rome and I'm happy it's always thanks to you." With this real declaration of love, Totti revealed the secret of his success: always having a strong and tenacious woman next to him ready to support him.

Fiorella Totti and Ilary Blasi seem to deny the old rumor that mother-in-law and daughter-in-law never get along. The relationship between the most important women in the life of the Roma champion appears idyllic, as evidenced by the numerous photos on the web that see them spending their free time and summer holidays together on the beach of Sabaudia. Complicity and smiles reveal a great understanding between the two and there is no lack of praise from Blasi towards her mother-in-law. The latter, for her part, participates with joy in the family life of her son Francesco and that of her grandchildren Christian, Chanel and little Isabel. In fact, he said of them: "Today Francis has his family and the love of a wonderful woman".

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