Marta Donà: The Trailblazing Music Manager Behind Marco Mengoni and Francesca Michielin

Meet Marta Donà A Visionary Music Manager

Meet Marta Donà: A Visionary Music Manager

Marta Donà is a prominent figure in Italian music management, known for her work with artists such as Marco Mengoni, Francesca Michielin, and Alessandro Cattelan. She has a background in Communication Sciences from the University of Verona and started her career in music as a press officer.

Her journey in the music industry led her to become a press agent at Sony Music, where she worked with notable artists like Marco Mengoni, J-Ax, Giovanni Allevi, and Giusy Ferreri. She also managed the press office for X Factor artists for three consecutive years from 2009 to 2011.

Transitioning to Sony Music and the World of Press Relations

Who is Marta Donà, manager of Marco Mengoni

In March 2012, Marta Donà transitioned to a managerial role, creating her company, Latarma Management, which she now serves as CEO. Her agency has received recognition for organizing events like the Atlantico Fest for Marco Mengoni and innovative showcases.

Marta Donà’s management approach emphasizes the importance of substance in the art and collaborating closely with artists to convey their messages effectively. She’s known for her dedication to understanding an artist’s vision and facilitating communication with the world.

Creating Latarma Management and Managing X Factor Artists

Apart from her work with Marco Mengoni and Francesca Michielin, she also manages Alessandro Cattelan and the writer and director Antonio Dikele Distefano, showcasing her versatility in the entertainment industry.

In her career, Marta Donà has faced challenges, including the departure of the successful band Måneskin, but she continues to explore new opportunities and expand her endeavors. Her company, Latarma srl, offers services in design, management, and development for the entertainment, culture, and events industry, featuring divisions dedicated to Records, Entertainment, and Management.

Alessandro Cattelan’s Move to Generalist Television and Marta’s Role

Marta Donà is not only notable for her contributions to the music industry but also for her advocacy for gender diversity in the field. She believes in the importance of promoting women in music management and actively participates in discussions on this topic.

The Emotional Impact of Måneskin’s Departure

As the granddaughter of Claudia Mori and Adriano Celentano, she values the family’s advice and emphasizes the importance of not being afraid to take risks in pursuing one’s passions and career goals.