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Why should you never leave a glass of water next to your bed?

Why should you never leave a glass of water next to your bed?

Have you gotten into the habit of leaving a glass of water near your bed in anticipation of the possible need to drink that might arise in the middle of the night? Although the intention is good, some precautions must still be taken.

Do you usually keep a glass of water near you at night? “In idea, it’s a good thing, because it can prevent a fall, which would occur when you want to go and drink, without necessarily turning on the light” notes Dr. Gérald Kierzek, emergency physician and medical director of TipsForWomens. But be careful to follow a few rules.

Remember to change the water every day

The glass of water on the nightstand is therefore a good idea. But you should not keep the same water for several days in a row. Indeed, stagnant water is conducive to the development of bacteria. Leaving a glass of water, especially uncovered, to stagnate for several days in a row will allow the micro-organisms to develop and will create a real culture broth.

If you drink it, it could cause infections, particularly of the gastrointestinal sphere. “You must therefore get into the habit of changing the glass of water every day.” advises the doctor.

Choose a closed bottle

To limit these risks, you must therefore take care to change the water every day. And to avoid possible contamination linked to the fact that the glass is an open container, it is better to opt for a closed bottle or a flask. “We will thus avoid spilling water on our belongings but also external contamination” says Gérald Kierzek. “And as with the glass of water, it is important to change the water in the bottle every day“.