Why was singer Elton John hospitalized in France?

Why was singer Elton John hospitalized in France?

While spending his vacation in Nice, singer Elton John was reportedly hospitalized overnight from Sunday to Monday. A slight accident would be involved.

Small scare for fans of Sir Elton John. According to information from Nice morning Monday August 28, the singer was reportedly hospitalized in Monaco overnight from Sunday to Monday. A domestic accident in the villa where he spent his holidays with his husband and his children, would be in question.

A fall, but no fracture

The daily evokes a fall, frequent at the age of the singer (76 years old), in his villa of Mont-Boron in Nice, in which he was fortunately only slightly injured. According to our information, the man would have passed a cerebral and lumbar scanner which would not have revealed any fracture. The interpreter ofIm Still Standing was back home in the morning. ”Elton went to the local hospital as a precaution. After a few check-ups, he is now back and healthy”, his agent told the Daily Mail.

The star spotted in a wheelchair in June

More fear than harm for the singer who had come to relax in the South of France after finishing his farewell tour entitled “Farewell Yellow Brick”. He now wants to enjoy his retirement by devoting more time to his husband David Furnish and their two children, Zach (12) and Elijah (10). But the British star could also be the victim of a weakness: already last June Elton John made the front page of the British tabloids, appearing in the photos in a wheelchair.

A state of “fragility” denied by the star herself on her networks: “I want to thank all my fans for checking in on me after the tabloids ran a silly story about me ‘looking fragile’ in a wheelchair. The truth is, I’m in excellent health, I love my shows and I play and sing at my best.”.

How to prevent falls in people over 65?

Still, falling is a common domestic accident among seniors. According to the Ameli website, one out of three people over the age of 65 fall at least once a year, due to vertigo, muscle weakness, an unsuitable indoor environment, or even particular lifestyle habits (risk taking, consumption of alcohol, poor diet, etc.).

Measures should be considered to avoid these falls, which can be highly disabling:

  • Free up passageways
  • Benefit from sufficient lighting in places of passage
  • Avoid slippery floors, carpets with raised edges, and wear non-slip shoes or slippers;
  • Adapt your furniture so as to have sufficient supports, in the bathroom, steps, and things close at hand…

Finally, health measures are of course to be taken to stay alert:

  • Take care of your feet;
  • Consult an ophthalmologist to check his sight, and carry out a hearing check;
  • Monitor his state of health with his attending physician who will check blood pressure, balance, the state of the muscles and joints, as well as the effects and drug interactions that could affect your alertness.