Why you shouldn’t brush your teeth after breakfast

Why you shouldn't brush your teeth after breakfast

According to English doctor, Dr. Michael Mosley, brushing your teeth right after eating breakfast would be a very bad idea. But when should you take out your toothbrush? Dr Gérald Kierzek gives us his informed opinion.

While everyone knows that you should brush your teeth (at least) twice a day, few people know when you should brush your teeth in the morning. Questioned by our British colleagues from the magazine ExpressDr Michael Mosley, known for his Just One Thing podcasts broadcast on the BBC, assures that you should never “brush your teeth right after eating breakfast“. We’ll explain why.

Brushing your teeth after breakfast damages the enamel

On this highly debated subject, Dr. Mosley is categorical: eating a hearty breakfast then grabbing your toothbrush would affect tooth enamel.

Does anyone brush their teeth BEFORE breakfast? This is the advice of the American Dental Association. If you don’t do it before, you should wait at least 30 minutes afterwards in case you are acidic. Eating weakens enamel and damages brushing.assures the doctor and writer.

Before adding: “Doesn’t that make breakfast taste funny? I’m currently trying to wait 30 minutes after breakfast before brushing my teeth, but it doesn’t feel natural; “It’s like waiting 30 minutes after going to the bathroom to wash my hands.”.

The right attitude to adopt, according to him? Brush your teeth before eating in the morning. However, his answer is not unanimous: it is a question that divides health professionals.

Before or after breakfast? The opinion of Dr. Kierzek

In a recent Podcast, Dr. Kierzek, medical director of TipsForWomens, explains to us that there are “advantages and disadvantages” around these two options.

If you brush your teeth before breakfast, the advantage is that you will eliminate dental plaque that has been deposited during the night. And we know that this plaque weakens the teeth. The idea is therefore to protect yourself against the acids of breakfast. If you take orange juice for example, you must protect your teeth. The disadvantage is that you will have to start again after breakfast… and you then risk weakening your gums, for example if you brush your teeth too often.“, he warns.

As for post-breakfast brushing, it is essential.

It will eliminate food residues and sugars and will allow you to have fresh breath for the day,” reveals the emergency doctor.

When choosing between brushing your teeth before or after breakfast, Dr. Kierzek advises instead to do “two birds with one stone” et “to brush them after” leaving a little time in between.

You are now free to choose your side!