4 makeup tips given by Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez’s makeup artist

4 makeup tips given by Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez’s makeup artist

Do you dream of makeup that lasts all day? Beyoncé and J. Lo’s makeup artist shares her best tips for maintaining a radiant complexion from morning until night. Here are four!

Mally Roncal, creator of the “Mally Beauty” brand, is known for doing makeup for big stars like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. The makeup professional then gives you four tips for maintaining impeccable makeup all day long. So integrate the makeup artist’s famous tips into your routine and focus on a radiant complexion!

1. Sculpt your eyes with an eyeshadow stick

A multifunctional product, the eye shadow stick can be used as a base, an eye shadow or even a liner. Its advantage? It is easily manageable and allows you to sculpt your eyes as you wish. The professional adds: “You can reshape your eyes, create the shapes you want, choose to make your eyes bigger or wider.”

Moreover, she advises “Evercolor Shadow Stick” of its brand, which would hold up very well throughout the day, even in the event of rain… or tears.

The professional also gives additional advice: always apply the product to a bare eyelid, that is to say without foundation or concealer. This will give the eye shadow a better hold.

2. Use a primer before makeup and a setting spray after

The transparent base “Evercolor Poreless Face Defender” has a dual use and Mally Roncal recommends using it at two times: before and after makeup. Applying it after skin care, just before starting to apply makeup, helps to fix all the treatments provided during skincare. The second layer comes once the makeup is finished, to set it and keep it perfect throughout the day. In addition, this step regulates the accumulation of fat on the skin, normally present when makeup is applied.

Once again, the professional uses a product from her brand: the “Evercolor Poreless Face Defender” which she describes as a transparent base, mattifying the skin and reducing the appearance of pores and wrinkles.

It is also possible to apply a base before makeup, then a fixative after makeup for impeccable hold of your beauty look.

3. Even out your complexion with a concealer

Opting for a brightening concealer is useful not only for hiding imperfections but also as a skin care product. Mally Roncal suggests “create a circle of light on your face with the concealer, to make you look more awake. It can also be interesting to apply it to the outer corners of the eyes to lift the look, and above your lips to enhance your mouth.

“Mally Beauty” offers a corrective pen, formulated with jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid and turmeric. It helps hide your dark circles and even out your complexion while hydrating your skin.

4. Apply your lip mask with a gua sha

According to the makeup professional, the lip mask and gua sha combination would be ideal for smoothing the lips. Preparing your mouth with good hydration will guarantee a more harmonious result when applying makeup!

Generally speaking, Gua Sha is a tool that boosts blood circulation. It helps firm and smooth the skin. In addition to your lips, you can also use it on your face depending on your needs (neck, cheeks, forehead).