Wine, gin, pumpkin spice latte: you can now enjoy your favorite drink

Wine, gin, pumpkin spice latte: you can now enjoy your favorite drink

Relaxing in a bath filled with wine or gin… The idea may seem crazy, but it could soon become the norm. More and more beauty and well-being players are offering their customers drinks that are both popular and unusual, without them having to consume a single drop. Dive into spas that transform hot tubs into life-size cocktail glasses.

Not even ten years ago, the idea of ​​immersing yourself in a hot tub, or just a bathtub, overflowing with beer could make you smile. A completely unusual fad which has nevertheless evolved over the years into a beauty ritual like any other, with spas of this type flourishing all over Europe. The concept is simple, it’s about immersing yourself in hopped water to benefit from its virtues while sipping a pint – or not – it’s your choice. A relaxing break that combines relaxation and conviviality, and which seems to have inspired the beauty rituals of tomorrow… All modeled on our favorite drinks. Here are three surprising ones designed to immerse men and women in a bubble of well-being and indulgence.

Gin: the power of aromatherapy

Head to Glasgow, Scotland, to discover the one and only spa in the world entirely dedicated to gin. We reassure you, it is not a question of immersing yourself in the famous alcohol at almost 40 degrees – the consequences would be disastrous – but of enjoying the virtues of the plants used to create it. Soberly named Gin Spa, the establishment opened its doors under the leadership of the founders of Gin71, a cocktail bar located in the same city, and offers a host of services – facial and body treatments, massages, specialized treatments or reflexology , based on natural ingredients such as bergamot, coriander, lemon, or even orange. And of course, this moment of relaxation around gin ends with a glass filled with the essential alcoholic beverage – unless otherwise indicated by the customer.

The pumpkin spice latte: the power of spices

Who would’ve believed that ? We knew that the pumpkin spice latte, which is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year, was extremely popular in the fall, particularly in the United States, but we had less imagined delving into the orange drink. However, this should soon be possible in the United Kingdom, according to the platform which intends to organize the first ‘pumpkin spice’ spa day during the autumn. The program: a whirlpool bath concocted with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, pumpkin puree and a drop of coffee, a facial treatment designed to exploit the benefits of pumpkin and of the aforementioned spices, as well as a massage again using the same recipe. A disconcerting well-being break which should, despite its unusual nature, appeal to more than one fan of the famous spicy drink.

Vinotherapy: the power of grapes

Final stopover in Europe, near the Allées de Tourny, in the historic center of Bordeaux, to immerse yourself in a bath of… wine. It must be said that the region lends itself perfectly to such an experience, although surprising. The very first establishment of its kind, the Wine Beer Spa, opened its doors there a little over a year ago, and offers relaxation in a beverage formulated from hot water enriched with the different components of wine to enjoy their health and skin benefits – without having to waste prestigious bottles. All accompanied – or not – by a glass of regional wine. A bubble of well-being to experience alone, as a duo, or with friends, depending on the formula chosen, and which is also available with beer, according to everyone’s tastes and desires.