Withings presents its BeamO multiscope at CES in Las Vegas

Withings presents its BeamO multiscope at CES in Las Vegas

On the occasion of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the company specializing in connected health objects, Withings, unveils BeamO. This 4-in-1 self-assessment medical device is also called a multiscope.

The French company Withings specializes in connected health objects. Already in 2009, it offered the first connected scales and has continued its momentum ever since. In 2024, at CES in Las Vegas, it presents its new health tool: BeamO.

What is BeamO?

BeamO is a connected medical device, which allows you to carry out a “complete medical check-up” according to the Withings promise. “BeamO opens a new era of complete health check-ups at home or by televisit with a doctor” we can read in the brand’s press release.

This multiscope would combine the capabilities of four different medical examinations. “BeamO merges the capabilities of a thermometer, EKG, oximeter and stethoscope into one home monitoring device, allowing both the heart and lungs to be monitored.” promises the company.

To be used alone or in teleconsultation

Sold at the price of €249.95, Beam O will be available in Europe in June 2024. It will allow those who acquire it to carry out health check-ups alone or during telemedical consultations, with the possibility of integrating up to eight different users.

The device is “equipped with advanced sensors that on the one hand send light waves to interpret blood circulation patterns and temperature. And on the other hand, capture acoustic waves to study the heart and lungs”.

Results that you can send to your doctor

Using this cutting-edge technology, BeamO can therefore measure blood oxygenation and heart rate using a single-lead electrocardiogram (ECG), by placing two fingers on the electrodes installed on the side. Thanks to the diffused waves, it is possible to measure its temperature via the temporal artery.

Finally, BeamO can capture acoustic sound waves from the chest or back using a piezoelectric disk, waves that can be listened to using headphones to plug into a USB-C port. So many medical results that it will be possible to send directly to your doctor, as part of a teleconsultation.

BeamO is a revolutionary multiscope device. Previously, body temperature was the only health test regularly performed at home. BeamO will revolutionize the measurement of the main vital parameters carried out during medical visits and will make them possible at home. This valuable data will provide an overview of users’ health status. They will help detect warning signs of potential health problems. Instead of taking these measurements several times a year in a clinical setting, it will now be possible to evaluate them on a daily basis” enthuses Eric Carreel, Founder and President of Withings.“BeamO will be the thermometer of the future, allowing both the temperature to be assessed and the condition of the heart and lungs to be observed.”