Never do this! You will have problems with circulation and fungus

Never do this!  You will have problems with circulation and fungus

Many people believe that sleeping in socks helps them fall asleep faster and improves the quality of their sleep. Although doctors do not reject this idea, they recommend caution and choosing appropriate socks for sleeping. It turns out that the wrong choice of socks can lead to serious health problems, including a very unpleasant athlete’s foot.

Never do this!  You will have problems with circulation and fungus

Research published in the “Journal of Physiological Anthropology” in 2018 suggests that sleeping in socks in rooms with relatively low temperatures (about 23 degrees Celsius) can speed up the process of falling asleep, improve sleep quality and reduce the number of awakenings. However, do these benefits outweigh the potential health risks of sleeping in socks?

Sleep with or without socks?

Abbas Kanani, chief pharmacist at, warns that wearing socks that are too tight while sleeping can negatively impact blood circulation, which in itself poses a health risk. Compression socks should also be worn with caution, and only if recommended by a doctor, as they can significantly restrict proper blood flow to the feet.

It is equally important that the socks we choose for the night are made of breathable materials. Socks that do not allow your feet to breathe may cause your feet to sweat excessively and cause your body to overheat, which disrupts its proper thermoregulation.

Regularly sleeping in unventilated socks may lead to the development of foot fungus. A humid and warm environment creates ideal conditions for the development of fungi, which may result in the occurrence of nail fungus. This is a very troublesome condition characterized by pain and swelling around the nails. It may also result in discoloration, thickening and brittle nail.

Nail fungus

Unfortunately, treating nail fungus is often difficult because the fungi are resistant to many available medications. In case of problems with nail fungus, it is always worth consulting a doctor who can recommend appropriate antifungal treatment, both systemic and local. However, it is better to avoid risks and take care of foot hygiene and choose appropriate socks that allow your feet to breathe.

In conclusion, although sleeping in socks may have some benefits, you should be aware of the risks associated with choosing the wrong socks. Choosing the right socks is crucial to avoid potential health problems such as athlete’s foot. Let us remember that prevention is better than cure, especially in the case of this unpleasant ailment.