Wrinkles, flabby skin, swelling? What is taping and what is it about?

Wrinkles, flabby skin, swelling?  What is taping and what is it about?

In the world of aesthetic treatments, there are constantly new and innovative methods of caring for beauty and youth. One of them that is gaining popularity nowadays is face taping. But what exactly is this method?

Wrinkles, flabby skin, swelling?  What is taping and what is it about?

Aesthetic taping is a technique based on the use of special tapes known from kinesiotaping. Although originally used in physiotherapy to help patients reduce muscle tension, these tapes are now finding their way into beauty. Their goal is mainly to improve the appearance of the skin, reduce wrinkles and other imperfections.

Aesthetic face taping – what is the secret?

In beauty salons, taping is often combined with other treatments, such as the relaxing Kobido massage or transbukcal massage, which focus on modeling the face. Properly performed taping can additionally maintain and strengthen these effects, acting as a complement to the anti-aging treatment.

Benefits of face taping

The main purpose of taping is to regain the elasticity of the face and neck skin. Regular use of this method improves blood and lymph circulation, giving immediate results in the form of smooth skin.

People who use taping often do it to reduce the visibility of wrinkles, improve the contour of the face, eliminate scars or restore skin glow. In addition, taping helps reduce swelling, making the skin firmer and healthier.

When to choose taping?

Wrinkle taping: The treatment helps to reduce wrinkles, especially those caused by muscle tension, by improving circulation. Swelling taping: Acts as a detox for the face, helping to reduce excess water and lymph. Double Chin Taping: Tapes act as a natural facelift by tightening the skin. Drooping mouth corner taping: Helps restore a youthful appearance to the face by lifting sagging skin.

Is it possible to perform face taping at home?

Although face taping is not an extremely difficult technique, it is recommended that it be carried out by qualified persons. While we can proceed with this procedure on our own at home, it’s important to be aware of potential mistakes. Incorrect placement of tapes may not only not bring the expected results, but also cause undesirable effects, such as emphasizing wrinkles or exacerbating swelling. If we are thinking about regular use of taping at home, it is worth investing in an online course in the field of aesthetic kinesiotaping. Thanks to this, we will acquire basic skills regarding the correct application of tapes, taking into account the appropriate techniques of their placement.

Which face tape is worth choosing?

When deciding on a self-tapping procedure, you should carefully choose the right tapes. The market offer is rich in various brands, length variants, colors and patterns. Are there special tapes dedicated to the face?

Standard kinesiotaping tapes are the most commonly used. However, it is worth noting that the skin of the face, neck and cleavage is sensitive. Before using the chosen tape, make sure it is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested to avoid adverse skin reactions. Before making a purchase decision, it is also worth reading the opinions of other users about a particular product.

What other benefits does face taping bring?

Many people using the services of beauty salons decide to face taping in order to reduce wrinkles. In addition, this treatment improves facial contours, minimizes scars and makes the skin look more radiant and firm, while reducing puffiness.

Face taping: What are the costs?

Facial taping treatment in specialized salons is not cheap. It is often combined with a firming massage. The price for one meeting usually oscillates between PLN 200-300. It is worth noting, however, that many offices offer attractive packages of treatments, thanks to which the cost of a single session may be lower.