Wrists, hair, clothes: where to apply perfume to make the scent last longer

Wrists, hair, clothes: where to apply perfume to make the scent last longer

The hashtag “perfume” on TikTok has received almost 200 million views. Arnaud Guggenbuhl, head of global marketing at fragrance company Givaudan, reported in 2023 that social media drives approximately 13% of fragrance purchases in the United States. In 2024, according to a report from the Spate agency, the number of searches for the word “long-lasting” related specifically to perfumes increased. The main desire of clients is that the chosen perfume gives pleasure and lasts all day.

It is necessary to apply the aroma where the pulse can best be felt. These are perfume “hot spots” that can draw attention to the chosen aroma. “Pulse points emit heat, so they enhance the scent and increase its longevity,” says Givaudan senior perfumer Caroline Sabas in a commentary for InStyle. “These are the warmest areas of the body, many of which are commonly associated with scent, such as the wrists and neck, but others that are less popular, such as the inside of the elbows and the backs of the knees.”

1. Wrists

The wrists are perhaps the most common place to apply perfume. Use your wrists to create aromatic blends before applying to your neck, hair and other areas. “Don't rub your wrists together,” warns Phlur founder Chriselle Lim. “This can destroy the top notes of the perfume and affect how the scent shows up on your skin.”

2. Behind the ears

Applying perfume to the area behind the ears is effective. As a result, the perfume will also be on your hair, which will help the scent last throughout the day.

3. Neck

Carolina Sabas advises starting to apply the scent from the neck. “Personally, I like to spray perfume on each side of my neck,” she says. “Then I touch the scent with both wrists and finish by running my wrists through my hair.” You can add a couple more touches behind the ears.

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4. Inner elbows

If you're wearing an outfit with sleeves, the elbow area will help diffuse the scent. It will linger in the fabric and will help the perfume diffuse more slowly.

5. Behind the knees

The scent does not have to be applied to traditional places. For example, apply the scent behind your knees, then the perfume will appear brighter when you move.