You are cold ? Be careful, you may be deficient!

You are cold ?  Be careful, you may be deficient!

Even though you are covered from head to toe, have you been shivering all day? Caution. This sign may be indicative of a nutritional deficiency.

This morning, you have equipped yourself to face the bitter cold: socks, fleece jacket and down jacket. And despite everything, are you freezing? Be careful, these persistent chills may hide anemia. Explanations.

Excessive chilliness accompanied by a pale complexion

Excessive shivering can be a sign of a thyroid problem, diabetes, poor blood circulation… but also anemia.

Iron deficiency actually causes a feeling of cold, accompanied by a pale complexion and great fatigue.

This febrile state is explained by the essential role that iron plays in the body: it helps red blood cells transport oxygen in the blood.

However, an important detail: the primary role of oxygen is to enable the production of energy for its own needs, such as maintaining internal temperature.

Result: without iron, the tissues are less oxygenated… and we feel cold!

Iron deficiency: who is affected?

Women are more frequently affected by this anemia than men, due to their periods which return every month. On average, iron loss linked to periods is around 0.5 to 2 mg per day.

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What to do in case of proven iron deficiency?

The right reflex, as soon as the first symptoms appear? Make an appointment with a general practitioner to have a blood test.

This will prescribe oral tablets (or syrups for children) to treat iron deficiency.

These are prescription medications that contain enough iron to increase red blood cell levels. Supplementing with iron when suffering from anemia should be done through a doctor.“, specified Dr Philippe Maslo, general practitioner, in a previous interview.

Another possibility, in addition to the recommended treatment: boost your iron intake, through diet: lentils, eggs, red meat, dried beans, chocolate… without forgetting to combine vitamin C, in case of plant-based diet (it alone in fact improves the body’s absorption of non-heme iron).