You don't have to shower every day. Just wash these three parts of your body

You don't have to shower every day.  Just wash these three parts of your body

Washing the entire body is obvious, it is part of the daily routine. It turns out that taking a shower or bath too often is not necessary. According to a dermatologist, it is enough to wash only three parts of the body.

You don't have to shower every day.  Just wash these three parts of your body

Give up washing every day and you won't regret it

There is a grain of truth in the famous saying “frequent washing shortens your life”. We often take a quick shower twice a day – in the morning and in the evening, especially when the temperature is high outside or we have returned from an intense workout at the gym. Is daily body washing good for our body? Experts emphasize that too frequent scrubbing with soap may do more harm than good, e.g. it eliminates the natural bacterial flora on the skin surface that stimulates the immune system.

According to assistant professor of dermatology Sandy Skotnicki from the University of Toronto, daily washing may contribute to the development of skin problems, including: eczema, i.e. skin inflammation manifested by itching and redness of the skin. Excessive hygiene and using too many cosmetics can destroy the beneficial bacteria that support a healthy skin microbiome. This also leads to a weakening of the immune system.

Scrub three parts of your body every day

As the expert pointed out, there are bacteria that serve our skin, and by frequently scrubbing our body we get rid of them and thus reduce our immunity to some viruses. It recommends rinsing the skin of the entire body with water every day without using cleansing agents.

The exception are three parts that require daily washing, i.e. armpits, groin and feet. These are the areas of our body most susceptible to skin invasion by bacteria and viruses. Therefore, infection and ingrown hairs can easily develop.

Eliminate bad habits

However, it is difficult to give up a daily shower, even though our skin will thank us for it. However, it is worth paying attention to care habits that affect its condition. For example, bathing in too warm water disrupts the skin's hydrolipid barrier, dries it out and weakens blood vessels. Staying in the bathtub is also not the best idea because it weakens the natural protective layer of the skin, the so-called water-lipid mantle. You should not use strong cosmetics that do not meet most of the skin's needs.

After a fresh bath or shower, it is worth applying balm or oil to slightly damp skin. Thanks to this, the nutrients will be better absorbed and the skin will be well moisturized.