“You matter to me”, 3114 mobilizes for suicide prevention

“You matter to me”, 3114 mobilizes for suicide prevention

Suicide prevention is a difficult subject to address, yet it is the 2nd cause of preventable mortality among 18-25 year olds and the 1st among 25-34 year olds. To prevent these actions and publicize its action, the national suicide prevention number, 3114, is launching a first official spot.

Through a short and animated 30-second spot entitled “You matter to me”, 3114 wants to transmit an essential message in a caring and positive tone, like the action of the national system.

Highlighting suicide prevention for the general public

Since its opening in October 2021, the national suicide prevention number has developed its communication on all channels, particularly digital via its website and social media. To offer the system the widest possible visibility, a first official spot was created with the ambition of:

  • Getting the message of suicide prevention across to the general public through characters representative of 3114’s core targets: people in pain, those close to them worried about a loved one as well as prescribing professionals;
  • Free speech, with family, friends or colleagues, in order to destigmatize a subject that is still far too taboo in our current society.

Witnessing the intimacy of this scene, placed in the gaze of the central character, the audience can quickly project themselves and feel concerned by this situation. In a few seconds, the intention is given: to bring a person’s discomfort to the screen and provide an immediate response by calling 3114 to take charge of their suffering.

This spot will be broadcast from Friday December 15, 2023 on all 3114 communication channels. Watch it now.

Focus on the national suicide prevention system, 3114

Confidential and free, 3114 is a professional telephone line to respond to the immediate needs of people seeking help: listening, evaluation, guidance and/or intervention. It is aimed at anyone suffering, those close to them worried about a loved one, people bereaved by suicide as well as professionals.

Provided by specifically trained psychologists or nurses, this system is accessible throughout mainland Europe and overseas, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With the opening of 3114, the Ministry of Health and Prevention continues to deploy the national suicide prevention strategy driven by the 2018 “Mental Health and Psychiatry” roadmap. Under the leadership of this ministry, Europe thus offers complementary areas such as the VigilanS system, the deployment of Sentinel networks, the prevention of suicidal contagion (www.papageno-suicide.com) and therefore the establishment of 3114, the national suicide prevention number.

For more information, visit the website www.3114.fr and the 3114 social networks: https://linktr.ee/3114_appel