Your friends can now swipe for you on Tinder: but is it a good idea?

Your friends can now swipe for you on Tinder: but is it a good idea?

Since Monday, Tinder allows your loved ones to choose their own swipes (and possibly your next “dates”?) via a new function. Good idea or poisoned gift? We asked Amélie Boukhobza, psychologist, the question.

Do your friends know you better than anyone? What if you let them choose your next suitors on your dating apps? This is what Tinder has been offering since Monday with its Matchmaker function, understand “matchmaker”.

Delegate your love choices for 24 hours

Concretely, the application allows the registered person to invite up to 15 people, whether they have a Tinder profile or not, for a period of 24 hours and to “lend” their account to them. A day during which the “matchmakers” for a day will be able to go to their friend’s profile and themselves select compatible people to contact again. An opportunity to see what their choices and expectations are of you, and perhaps to discover profiles that you would not have considered. In short, a new idea of ​​adventure.

An interesting idea for the shyest

But isn’t it risky to leave control over your romantic choices to your friends? Aren’t you the best person to know what’s right for you? Isn’t this likely to just be a game for others? We asked the question to Amélie Boukhobza, psychologist, who sees it, for her part, as a way of overcoming psychological barriers:

“It can be good or bad. For those who have difficulty taking the step of meeting via sites, letting a friend take the lead can be interesting. But only if they know you well enough , and that he loves you” she says.

So, the perspective of a friend (or his sister, etc.) could be valuable. “This can allow you to match with certain profiles and meet them for real. Then what will happen is another matter for you. But it could allow real encounters with people who pass through all the profiles without ever stopping there.”

Our psychologist, however, visualizes another use which can also take precedence.

“For other profiles, already very comfortable with the tool, handing over to a friend can be more of a game. But be careful of jokes when it comes to the well-being of a friend !”

The decision is up to the registered person

Rest assured, however, if you “dare” to activate the Matchmaker function: the final choice is yours. Matchmakers cannot (fortunately) contact suitors. Once the 24 hours have passed, the main user regains control and accesses the recommended profiles. It’s up to him to take the first step, or not.

Anyway, if this function does not allow you to spot the ideal man or woman, it can nevertheless prove to you who your real friends are, those who know you best and those who do not take over your love life seriously !