10 signs that you are emotionally mature

10 signs that you are emotionally mature

Demonstrate adaptation, seek solutions to conflicts… Different behaviors can indicate that you are comfortable with your emotions. An update on these telltale signs with Amélie Boukhobza, clinical psychologist.

Do you think you are mature? Be careful, if certain signs demonstrate true emotional maturity, others indicate less good management of one’s emotions… An update on these indicators with Amélie Boukhobza, clinical psychologist.

Good in his body, good in his head!

Manage your emotions in a healthy and constructive way

How to define “emotional maturity”?

For Amélie Boukhobza, “Above all, it’s about good management of your emotions.“.

But easier said than done on a daily basis… It is indeed difficult to remain calm in front of a mother-in-law who allows herself to think (yet another) about your child or in front of that bootlicking neighbor.

In these situations, which are delicate to say the least, how can you gain peace of mind and no longer be the “reaction” of the family? How to show empathy towards others and make thoughtful decisions?

If no “ready-made” instructions allow you to acquire this emotional maturity, certain signs nevertheless indicate that you are on the right track, specifies Amélie Boukhobza. These are the following avenues:

  • Be able to clearly identify your emotions and express them calmly without letting them take over;
  • Be in the right balance between empathy and good emotional distance;
  • Know how to communicate clearly in all circumstances, even in difficult times;
  • Be resilient, able to bounce back after difficult events, without being completely overwhelmed by the negative;
  • Being able to question oneself and recognize responsibility for one’s actions without always blaming the other;
  • Have enough self-confidence not to depend on the approval of others;
  • Demonstrate adaptation to change;
  • Seek solutions to conflicts, rather than avoiding or making them worse;
  • Establish healthy and clear boundaries in your relationships;
  • Finally, appreciate the present moment, without over-anticipating the future or ruminating about the past.

Of course, this is a non-exhaustive list.

Other signs reflect a certain emotional maturity… So many traits which, in my opinion, contribute to the quality of relationships and a general state of well-being in one’s life.”concludes the expert.