3 topics that stress people the most in 2023 (according to a study)

3 topics that stress people the most in 2023 (according to a study)

As the year ends soon, it’s an opportunity to take stock of what may have been particularly stressful. What are the biggest concerns, according to a study published by the American Psychological Association? Here is the list.

What were the greatest sources of anxiety for you during this year 2023? If you haven’t wondered, the American Psychological Association did, after surveying 3,185 volunteers from various backgrounds. It lists the subjects that caused them the most stress in 2023. Here they are.


In this period of inflation, with prices at the pump or at the supermarket checkout increasing every week, money was undoubtedly the first factor of stress and worry that could emerge from this survey. Beyond everyday expenses, leisure activities are also more expensive, as are the price of rent or the cost of maintaining a vehicle.


Another major concern cited: health. After having gone through almost three years of the Covid-19 pandemic, health is indeed a subject of concern for 65% of respondents. Mental health, but also the cost of health, are two major concerns in this area.

Social divisions

The general atmosphere in a country, when it is not in good shape, also worries those interviewed. In the survey, 68% and 55% respectively identified the future of their country and social divisions as factors of chronic stress. This also applies to global conflicts or violence and crime in general, which worry 61% of respondents.

How to protect yourself from this stress?

Lynn Bufka, deputy director of practice transformation at the American Psychological Association, says these factors aren’t something we can do anything about. For her, we must therefore guard against it, by focusing on the facts on which we are capable of influencing, on the one hand. And on the other hand, to leave aside certain sources of anxiety, such as continuous news channels or social networks.