How to organize yourself to avoid the anxiety of preparing meals?

How to organize yourself to avoid the anxiety of preparing meals?

Every evening, you (or your children) ask yourself the same question: what are we eating? To put an end to the anxiety of preparing meals, here are some tips, given by Alexandra Murcier, dietitian-nutritionist.

What are we eating tonight ? If the question seems familiar to you, it’s because meal preparation is your responsibility and you have to rack your brains every evening (and sometimes every lunchtime too) to prepare dinner for the whole family. How to get organized?

Make a meal plan

When you have to prepare a meal at the last minute, you often run out of an ingredient or simply lack time. We then generally eat less well-balanced than if we plan our menu in advance, because we are more easily tempted to prepare a sandwich or order our meal.” rightly notes the dietician.

To avoid being caught off guard, you must therefore leave yourself enough time to cook and prepare a list of meal ideas for the whole week. “We write down the ideas we have, allowing ourselves a little flexibility, if we have to eat out one evening, for example, or have friends over” adds the expert.

Shop accordingly

Once the menu for the week has been established, you have to go shopping. “You must therefore have the reflex to establish it beforehand, to buy everything you will need.” adds Alexandra Murcier. So remember to assess the number of portions you will need to cook and detail the recipes, to establish the needs: spices, vegetables, meats, starchy foods, etc.

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Adopt batch cooking!

A real trend on social networks, batch cooking is the act of making several dishes, generally on Sunday, before storing them, in anticipation of meals, for the start of the week. “This is a method that works well. For example, you can cook rice, which you can eat with meat and vegetables but which can also be used as an accompaniment to ratatouille.” explains Alexandra Murcier.

As for storage, the dietitian recommends dividing meal portions into glass boxes with lids, and storing them in your refrigerator. “Dishes cooked in this way can be kept for three or four days without any problem.” she assures, “et it also saves money“.

Batch cooking is so trendy that fans of the technique for meals are now using it for snacks, by preparing a whole series of different biscuits on Sundays, for snacks for the little ones. Get to your stove!

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