4 tips for managing Christmas holiday stress

4 tips for managing Christmas holiday stress

If for many holidays rhymes with relaxation, this is not always the case during the holiday season. For some, they are even a source of stress. The Mindletic platform, an expert in mental health, gives you 4 tips for managing your stress and letting go during Christmas.

During the holidays, are you anxious and does this seem abnormal to you? Rest assured, you are far from alone. During these busy times, it makes perfect sense to feel overwhelmed. Indeed, for personal, professional or even financial reasons, many people suffer from anxiety at the end of the year.

The American Psychological Association says: “41% of people find this time to be the most stressful of the year“, a percentage that worries psychologists. The mental health experts on the Mindletic platform want to provide solutions and share 4 tips for maintaining a positive state of mind and being able to enjoy your vacation peacefully.

1) Establish a budget

About 58% of people feel anxious about spending too much or not having enough money to buy decorations, food and gifts for everyone“, says the American Psychological Association. In fact, many expenses are the biggest stressor for people. While giving gifts is a friendly tradition and a good opportunity to please, it can also significantly reduce your bank account !

Mindletic solutions? Determine a spending budget with your loved ones or agree not to exchange gifts at all. According to the platform’s experts: “These solutions could ease everyone’s anxiety and allow them to focus on the present moment“.

If you want to keep the Christmas spirit, you can also spread your expenses over several months. Indeed, thinking about gifts in advance and ordering them online while respecting your budget will prevent you from spending too much at the last minute. This will also save you from running to crowded stores at the last minute!

2) Don’t be afraid to set boundaries

If things become intense and stressful, it is essential to consider setting certain boundaries in both your personal and professional life.

This involves clearly defining the order of priority of your tasks. For example, in the professional environment, you may need to re-evaluate your missions and define, with the agreement of your superior, those which are more or less priority for the end of the year. It’s a beneficial way to better focus on the most important tasks.

In your personal life, also set limits against people who drain your energy and increase your stress. It is perfectly acceptable to tell someone: “I’m sorry, I’m not available for that right now.”confide the psychologists at Mindletic.

3) Don’t neglect your good habits

According to research, two in five adults who are stressed during the holidays resort to unhealthy behaviors in an effort to feel better. These behaviors manifest themselves in particular through isolation, changes in diet or the use of harmful substances such as alcohol or nicotine.

However, letting yourself get caught up in this routine could affect your well-being and make this festive period more difficult to manage. How can we remedy this in a healthy way? Find ways to reduce your stress by maintaining your good habits. Do sports, go for walks in the forest, have a little meditation session or spend time with your loved ones, for example. These activities will help you fight stress!

4) Listen to your feelings

In case of mental overload, negative emotions can interfere in your daily life. So be sure to regularly monitor and evaluate how you’re feeling in order to deal with unpleasant emotions before they ruin your morale! Indeed, don’t forget that a high dose of stress can cause health problems. Additionally, the Mindletic app can help you recognize and accept your emotions.

Finally, if the holiday periods particularly stress you out despite this advice, do not hesitate to speak to a mental health professional.