Journey through the J-territory: the new J7 crossover from Jaecoo

Journey through the J-territory: the new J7 crossover from Jaecoo

The company’s name Jaecoo (pronounced “Jayku” with emphasis on the last syllable) comes from a combination of two words: the German Jäger (“hunter”) and the British cool (“cool”). The core DNA of the new brand is J-System.

“Its concept is based on four main “territories,” comments Vladimir Stoyakin, director of the Jaecoo brand. — The first territory is J-city, where the main part of the life of modern man takes place. The second is J-nature, the environment around us, which restores our energy during active recreation and trips to nature. The third is J-travel. This is a navigator in search of adventure, chasing emotions, exploring the world with its limitless possibilities. And finally, the fourth territory is J-sports, this is what helps modern man to continue moving. Helps you live an active and varied life.”

The new product, the Jaecoo J7 crossover, continues and develops the concept of classic crossovers. What could be the development, since everything seems to have been invented a long time ago? However, there is no limit to perfection, and in order to bring the crossover closer to the ideal, the brand’s designers and engineers decided to complement it with modern elements, giving the model uniqueness, making its image more brutal and while maintaining the restrained minimalism that is fashionable in auto design.

The angular and strict silhouette of the Jaecoo J7 is emphasized by a powerful radiator grille with vertical chrome slats. Headlights and running lights of a special shape make their contribution – these are “two-story” optics, including trendy lights in the format of narrow ribbons, complemented by checkered elements, as well as foglights. By the way, like most auto brand models, the light temperature of LED headlights is close to natural light. The rear lights are implemented in the same ultra-modern style – a solid line that connects the lights with the same “checkered” pattern.

Thanks to these striking details, the Jaecoo J7 looks recognizable and memorable on the road. As for the rear of the car, its design also emphasizes the width of the body, thereby creating a subconscious feeling of reliability and stability. A striking detail is the aluminum two-tone wheels (18 or 19 inches, depending on the configuration) with a radial shape. They not only add visual dynamics to the car, but also contribute to effective cooling of the brake system.

Retractable, designer rectangular door handles, which have become a new trend among cars of premium brands, deserve special attention. Unlike most competitors’ models, there will be no problems with them even in the most severe bad weather thanks to the integrated anti-icing system. How can you get into the salon if your battery runs out in the bitter cold? It’s not a problem. Just pressing hard on the corner of the handle will make it come out in any situation.

The brutality of the “off-road” aesthetics is emphasized by the details of the interior design – ostentatiously massive door handles, gear lever, ventilation deflectors, exposed mounting bolt heads, etc. The interior is trimmed with high-quality artificial leather. And metal inserts and decorative elements combined with black plastic and leather enhance the brutality of the crossover’s image.

At the same time, engineers and designers made sure that driving the Jaecoo J7 would be as comfortable as possible for the driver. Dozens of individual buttons have been replaced by innovative multimedia technologies (powered by the high-performance Qualcomm 8155 chip), interacting with them through a large 14.8-inch display screen.

Proprietary W-HUD technology provides intelligent control of multiple vehicle functions, giving the driver access to trip data, driving modes, navigation and technical indicators. All parameters of the dual-zone climate control are also regulated via the tablet, including heating and ventilation of all seats and heated windows. The screen displays all the data necessary for the driver, including navigation and a 540° viewing system.

A lot of interesting solutions have been integrated into the crossover. For example, lights on the rear doors can warn passengers that a car is approaching from behind and they should wait a little before opening the door. Ambient interior lighting can be adjusted in color, intensity and to the beat of your favorite music, played from eight Sony speakers. Or maybe you like silence? Then high-level noise insulation will definitely be to your liking. Another useful feature is the pockets on the front doors with water outlets where you can put away a wet umbrella.

The shape and location of the hard and large seats are designed so that a tall person can sit comfortably both behind the wheel and behind the driver. All passengers are provided with plenty of space above their heads and in front of their feet. And for the rear seats, remembering the harsh European frosts, they made a three-stage heating with its own control unit.

The new Jaecoo J7 crossover has excellent off-road performance. Thanks to the ARDIS (All road drive intelligent system) system, it is able to overcome various obstacles, regardless of road and climatic operating conditions, providing the driver and passengers with an unsurpassed level of comfort, and most importantly, safety.

As for the technical stuffing, the Jaecoo J7 is still supplied to Europe with one power plant – a 1.6-liter gasoline turbo engine (developed in collaboration with the Austrian company AVL) with a power of 186 hp. and the well-known seven-speed “robot” with two “wet” clutches, developed by Getrag. The crossover can be either mono- or all-wheel drive. In the latter case…