5 exercises for abs and buttocks

esercizi per addominali e glutei

Do you want to tone your belly but also your buttocks? Do you know that there are exercises for abs and glutes? 2 in 1 workouts, that is, they help you firm up both the abs and the gluteal muscles (the gluteus maximus, the medius and the small). Tipsforwomens offers you 5 exercises for abs and buttocks to perform as circuit training 4 times a week. Try them, be constant and you will notice the results after 1 month!

1 – Classic abs and buttocks exercise

The first of the exercises for the abs and buttocks. Simple to perform, this exercise is particularly suitable for those who are very overweight. It works the gluteus maximus and abdominal muscles, rectus and transversus muscles.

How to do it: lying on your back, legs bent and feet shoulder-width apart, raise your pelvis until you get an aligned “knees-thigh-pelvis” segment (bridge position). Contract the buttocks and then the abs (always bringing the belly in). Hold the position for 10 seconds, then stretch your muscles for 5 seconds. Remember to exhale during the contraction and inhale during the relaxation phase. Repeat the operation 20 times.

2 – Exercise for abs and buttocks with an elastic band

Here is the second of the exercises for the abs and buttocks. This movement stresses the abs in isometrics, i.e. in continuous contraction. In addition, it tones the gluteus maximus and minimus.

How to do it: lying on your back, place your ankle elastic and bring your legs straight at 90 degrees to the rest of your body. Contract your abs by bringing your belly in (transverse muscle action) so you can lift your shoulders off the ground. Open your legs to stretch the elastic. With the abs always contracted, try to stretch the elastic as much as possible and perform 20 small openings with the legs in order to solicit the gluteus minimus and medius. Repeat the exercise 2 times.

3 – Exercise for a flat stomach and firm buttocks

More difficult to perform, this exercise works the abs in isometrics and tones the buttocks in dynamics by working mainly on the gluteus maximus, but also on the thighs.

How to do it: on all 4 legs, lift your knees slightly off the ground leaning on your toes. Maintain this position and be careful never to touch the ground with your knees. In this way you stress the transverse and rectus muscles. Perform 10 throws backwards with the right leg and 10 with the left leg. Do not lift your leg too much so as not to stress the lumbar area. Exhale, belly in, as you throw your leg back and inhale as you lower it. Do 3 sets of 10 x legs.

4 – Exercise for lateral abs/glutes

This exercise tones both the obliques and the gluteus medius and minimus. It complements exercise 2 and helps slim down your waistline.

How to do it: leaning on one elbow and knee (legs bent), “thigh-pelvis” segment aligned, inhale and lift the pelvis off the ground by contracting the oblique abs (stomach in). Hold the position for 20 seconds.

To tone the glutes, stretch the top leg and perform 10 small movements. Concentrate on your breathing.

Perform 2 sets to the right and 2 sets to the left.

5 – Abdominal belt reinforcement operation

Like the previous exercise, this movement is great for strengthening your abdominal girdle because it works the transverse muscle.

How to do it: resting on your toes and hands, your head in extension (careful not to contract shoulders or neck), contract both belly and buttocks. Bring your right knee towards your arms without moving your pelvis. Keep the knee parallel to the floor.

Perform the movement slowly, 10 times on each side, exhaling well as you flex your leg.