Roller skates: prices, types and the best ones to buy

Roller skates: prices, types and the best ones to buy

Roller skates are part of children’s wishes – all of us have dreamed of them at least once. Who has never imagined darting quickly on Rollerblades or twirling in skillful figure skating figures? The explanation is simple: when we put our skates on, get used to it and start having fun, we feel a great sense of freedom.

Today you will discover types, prices, how to use them and which are the best roller skates. In order not to fail the purchase, first of all, and in any case to learn a little more about this splendid discipline. Which is so much more than fun!

Why skate and how to do it

Skating proves to be an exciting challenge to move quickly and above all with zero impact; it is not just a question of entertainment, but of a virtuous and conscious solution for the environment. What’s more, skating is also a valid aerobic workout which above all strengthens the muscles of the legs and buttocks: a solution for having fun, moving around and staying fit.

But skating also stresses and strengthens the muscles of the back and arms, which cooperate to give each other the momentum to slide. Even the abdominal muscles are extensively involved in this healthy and pleasant physical exercise, which gives agility and balance.

Roller skates for amateur or competitive purposes are now part of the daily well-being quest to stay healthy and in training, with the added value of being outdoors. A useful solution in the city and on vacation; just always pay close attention and – to protect our safety – use a helmet.

How much do roller skates cost?

So what are the prices of common roller skates? More than a specific cost, you need to focus on an economic range. By now the largest e-commerce sites and more, such as Decathlon, Amazon and Ebay, offer many solutions at the most diverse prices.

Let’s say that we start from a minimum of 50-60 euros for those who pay attention to the point (or perhaps with some discount), up to 200 euros for professional roller skates (or similar). So let’s find out which skates to buy and why, with the Tipsforwomens ranking that will help you choose!

The best roller skates: the Tipsforwomens ranking

HHYK and Std Master: professional skates (inline and 4 wheels)

The best of the best of technology, aimed at competition. Professional roller skates are specific for those who are already trained and want to have fun at high levels, and maybe, why not, even participate in some competitions. With that pinch of healthy competitive spirit to be exploited for a truly racing style.

Let’s start with a specific model for speed. HHYK inline skates are designed to perform at their best, both in competition and in training. Suitable for adults and children, with sizes starting from size 33 up to 46.

They are authentic running shoes with large and resistant wheels, available in 4 different colors: black, yellow, green and red. The ergonomics for the feet is maximum, so much so that they are also recommended for beginners (with sporting ambitions) and intermediate skaters. To experience the thrill of speed skating.

All at a fair price, considering the quality and development of the product: around 220 euros in the price list, with free shipping!

From speed we move to grace and beauty. Std Skater offers a unique competition model: the Master B-1 Haroy roller skates. Classic design but at the same time very efficient. Comfort and freedom of movement guaranteed, to twirl at best in all conditions.

Certainly the best solution for figure skating. Sizes ranging from 33 to 42; white color with wooden brown insole. Wheels, obviously, aimed at competitions and exhibitions.

And the cost? We are around between 195 and 215 euros. A great value.

The best road roller skates: the right model for her

Road roller skates are certainly the answer to the most common needs of both hardened and non-hardened skaters. Suitable for both beginners and the more experienced, these models respond very well to basic aspirations, to ride easily on slopes, smooth terrain and roads (in fact).

The Roces RC1 ClassicRoller 1 women’s skates are the best sellers in this regard on Amazon. Great price for a really good performance in all conditions. Classic style (very similar to those for figure skating) and suede lining. Wide range of sizes: from 30 to 43.

All, as we said, at an affordable price, considering the quality: the price list is just under 80 euros. But it is not uncommon – given the success – to find discounts and sales for this model.

The best roller skates for kids: from KRF to Frozen

We close the Tipsforwomens ranking with two beautiful and specific models for boys and girls. The first on the list is certainly KRF School Pph, roller skates for unisex and “American style” figure skating. The name, on the other hand, speaks for itself.

Synthetic material for the wheels, perfect for both leisure and for exhibitions and training. Ankle boot in faux leather, with padded heel and tongues, to protect the heels and soles of the feet. The resistance stands out, really excellent in every stress.

Sizes from 28 to 37, at a price ranging from 49 to 69 euros. An excellent purchase, for a decidedly worthy model.

Finally, here are the roller skates for girls who love Frozen, the famous Disney animated film. These beautiful multicolor toned shoes are one of a kind; the rotating sequins give an “ice kingdom” effect, like in the cartoon.

Obviously, the protagonists of the film are printed on the cover: Elsa and Anna. The sneaker fit makes the skates even more iconic and with an unmistakable style, as well as comfortable.

Sizes from 29 to 36, at a price that starts really low: only 36 euros. What are you waiting for?

Roller skates, how do they work?

Roller skates have come a long way, in every sense. From the first historic model created around the mid-1700s it has been a continuous improvement: an escalation of materials, shapes and technologies.

Continuous development to improve the performance of roller skates: whether they are quads, with 2 pairs of wheels arranged in a square; or in line, with aligned wheels, known as “Rollerblade”, from the name of the first company that produced them. From 1800, in America, roller skating also became a sport. It is no coincidence that the following were born in the USA: figure skating, hockey and running, as well as other various specialties that soon spread all over the world.

Types and how to use them

There are two types of roller skates on the market.

  • With 4 wheels placed in pairs, called quads, functional models for amateurs and vintage lovers, but above all for figure skating, hockey, roller derby and jam skating.
  • Another type are skates with inline wheels, the famous rollerblades, used for recreational purposes and for competitive specialties such as racing, slalom, freestyle, artistic and inline hockey.

All skates are made with a comfortable boot in soft material in which the ankle is laterally supported and free to move forward; a joint frame for movement stability and flex; a real rudder, bearings and 4 wheels, the peculiarity of the skate. These can vary in materials and thickness: the market covers all the needs that are required.

Roller skate tips and tricks

If you want to buy roller skates to start this new activity, and use them on the road – and not on equipped and suitable tracks – the advice is to try inline skates. They allow you to find more stability and balance. Furthermore, they are made to tackle urban routes, cushioning the unevenness and potholes that can be encountered. If, on the other hand, you want to try your hand at figure skating, the choice is the four-wheeled “quad” model, with a leather boot.

The suggestion, wherever you go skating, is to use a helmet on every occasion; especially when you pass through urban streets, but also in parks or skating areas.