5 things to prepare before going to your psychologist to properly explain your needs and feel comfortable

5 things to prepare before going to your psychologist to properly explain your needs and feel comfortable

Are you having an appointment with the psychiatrist for the first time and you are wondering how to prepare for this first interview? Here are five tips from Dr. Céline Tran, psychiatrist, to spend this moment in the best possible way.

Do you want to go to the psychiatrist (psychiatrist or psychologist) soon or have already scheduled an appointment? These few tips from Dr Céline Tran will help you get there as calmly as possible.

Take some free time before and after the appointment

This is the first rule to pay attention to. An appointment with the psychiatrist is a moment for yourself. So you have to take time to devote yourself to it. “Be careful not to have another appointment, before or after.” advises the specialist. “This helps avoid arriving late, which is a source of stress. And also, to consider a potential delay of the specialist without the stress of an important appointment, just afterwards”.

Prepare for your interview by noting your concerns

If various issues concern you, it may be useful to write them down, so as not to forget anything, during the appointment. “By writing down everything you want to address, it helps you define what you need to address with your healthcare professional. It’s a way of setting goals.” adds Dr. Céline Tran.

Organize your thoughts

A psychiatrist or psychologist, at the first meeting, does not know you and does not know what you want to discuss with him. “It is good practice to organize your thoughts, in order to have a coherent speech. It is sometimes difficult to understand the speech of a patient who does not necessarily know how to express himself clearly. Preparing what you are going to say can greatly help the specialist, but also the patient, who will feel better understood.”.

Prepare the questions you want to ask

Once again, this is practical advice so as not to forget anything. “With the stress of the first consultation, we can forget to ask certain questions. It’s best to write them down so you can remember them.” advises the psychiatrist.

Keep an open attitude and be honest

While waiting for his turn, in the waiting room, the doctor finally advises you to relax and keep an open attitude. “In addition to a positive attitude, it is essential to be honest. This is the most constructive way to approach a first interview and this is what will allow the specialist to help you in the best possible way.”.