Four dishes to avoid at an Italian restaurant to stay in shape

Four dishes to avoid at an Italian restaurant to stay in shape

Italian gastronomy is probably one of the tastiest, but also one of the most caloric! So what are the dishes to avoid in an Italian restaurant and what alternatives should you replace them with? Here are the tips from Alexandra Murcier, dietitian-nutritionist.

When we go to a restaurant, we want to treat ourselves, but while remaining reasonable in terms of calories. What are the dishes to absolutely avoid and the alternatives to favor in the Italian restaurant? Answers from Alexandra Murcier, dietitian nutritionist.

Avoid the four cheese pizza

When it comes to pizzas, which are at the heart of Italian gastronomy, it is better to avoid one in particular. “It is better to forget the four cheese pizza, which is high in carbohydrates and fat, therefore particularly unbalanced” advises our expert.

Cheese is also an important source of salt, and so is pizza dough, so it is a food that will promote water retention.“. Instead, the dietician advises “a four-season pizza or a vegetarian pizza, which will contain more fiber, which will give a slightly lower glycemic index to the dish.

Choose pasta with vegetables

The other great classic of Italian restaurants is the pesto pasta dish. “Again, this type of dish, whether pasta or pesto gnocchi, contains a lot of carbohydrates and also fat, because of the pesto sauce, which is a sauce rich in oil. explains Alexandra Murcier.

The dietitian instead recommends penne à la norma with a little cheese – a source of protein – and with vegetables, such as eggplant, which help reduce the glycemic index of the dish. Sometimes the pasta is accompanied by a Milanese escalope. “It is a breaded meat, which increases the intake of saturated fatty acids. To balance it out, you can ask for a little pasta and grilled vegetables on the side.” advises the expert.

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As for dessert, no more tiramisu!

Finally, for dessert, tiramisu is particularly rich and sweet, due to the mascarpone and the sugar it contains. “You can share it between two, possibly, to reduce the portion consumed, or ask for a sorbet, which will be a much lighter dessert. concludes Alexandra Murcier.