6 signs that you are in a relationship with an erotomaniac

6 signs that you are in a relationship with an erotomaniac

Erotomania is a psychiatric pathology, which can interfere with the heart of the couple. Amélie Boukhobza teaches us how to decode the signs.

Erotomania is a disorder characterized by the delusional belief of being loved by another person. The problem ? This love is only imaginary… and can lead to serious obsessive disorders. This is why it is essential to spot the signs that could be associated with an erotomaniac partner.

What is erotomania?

Fiery letters, incessant phone calls… Erotomania, also known as Clérambault syndrome, is “the delusional belief that another person loves you“, confirms Amélie Boukhobza.

Although at first glance this state may seem romantic, this is not the case: the person may begin to persecute the other and this behavior may lead to serious complications, such as suicidal threats.

This type of behavior should therefore be detected early.

Signs that should alert you

Several signs are the reflection “that you are in a relationship with an erotomaniac“, assures Amélie Boukhobza.

These are the following indicators:

  • Firstly, a delusional interpretation of affection, i.e. your partner is convinced that someone else is secretly in love with him/her, despite the absence of concrete proof“, she reveals.
  • A non-reciprocal obsession, i.e. he/she manifests fixations towards a specific person, often perceived as unattainable or of higher status (celebrities, health professionals, etc. are preferred targets)“, specifies the expert.
  • Inappropriate tracking behaviors such as monitoring, following, or trying to make contact with the object of their obsession without recognizing one’s personal boundaries. Erotomanic people are always where we don’t expect them“, explains the specialist.
  • A rationalization and justification of all rejections on the part of the object of their affection to maintain the certainty of their love at all costs“, confides the psychologist.
  • Every friendly gesture, look, compliment, is quickly interpreted as proof of romantic interest in him/her“, she emphasizes.
  • Finally, “All of this has repercussions on your current relationship: tensions, lack of attention, conflicts, etc.“, confirms the specialist.

The best you can do? “Leave the relationship!“, concludes the expert.

Now you know what to do.