7 typical behaviors of narcissistic perverts when ending a romantic relationship

7 typical behaviors of narcissistic perverts when ending a romantic relationship

Have you (finally) made the decision to put an end to this relationship weighed down by a narcissistic perverted companion? Still, expect him to react in his own way. Here are 7 possible behaviors to take into account to better prepare for the aftermath.

Toxic during the relationship, narcissistic perverts are just as toxic when they are told that “it’s over”. A difficulty that can be attributed to their pronounced egocentrism. Indeed, narcissistic perverts will not necessarily accept a decision that does not come from themselves. “They are generally very concerned with themselves – their wants and needs – and have a sense of entitlement, a need for continued admiration and relative disinterest and contempt for the feelings and emotions of others. unfolds Jephtha Tausig, a clinical psychologist with the media Parade who made a big deal out of it.

In fact, it is better to anticipate a whole series of behaviors that they can put in place to defend themselves in order to take them with a little more perspective.

They rewrite history after a breakup

It’s a great classic. In a breakup, the narcissist will tend to tell a completely different version of the breakup compared to the reality experienced. A way to regain control of your experience and to show that if there is separation it must be done on their conditions, not on yours. “Appearances matter to them. They cannot be seen by others as vulnerable or embarrassed.” recalls Michele Goldman, psychologist, in the media.

They absolve themselves of all responsibilities

The culprit in the story will inevitably be “you”. Narcissistic perverts tend to place all the responsibility for the couple’s failure on the other. Out of self-protection or ego, they want to show that they are the best and that everything is the fault of others.

They want revenge

It’s unfortunate but a narcissistic pervert is also capable of crossing boundaries when it comes to affecting you. In particular by posting messages or accusations on social networks. Or spread rumors about you.

They refuse to let the story end

In some cases, the left pervert will not give any credit to this separation. And will act as if nothing was said, calling you, arriving at your house. “Some narcissistic perverts will continue to act as if nothing had changed. They will be surprised that you are confused about this. In their minds, you couldn’t have ended the relationship, and so it simply never happened.” explains Michele Goldman.

They promise they’ll change everything

If he wants to save his relationship, the narcissist can also change his strategy and promise you great things. But it’s a trap. If this desire only intervenes at this precise moment, there is no doubt that it is a crude manipulation to obtain what he wants

They are gaslighting

Without scruple, the narcissistic pervert will try to turn the situation to his advantage, by denying your own concerns and your reasons for ending this relationship. This is called gaslighting. It is therefore common to hear sentences like “cIt’s you who doesn’t want to make an effort. It is not me. I gave everything I could.”

They want to make you feel guilty

Still further, some narcissists will even go so far as to simulate an impressive crying attack or invoke the impossibility of a life without you. Don’t be fooled, if there is a crisis, it is for the sole purpose of making you feel guilty.

Good in his body, good in his head!

No need to go back

If the behaviors mentioned seem difficult to live with, remember however that all this is only part of a strategy in which you will never be a winner. The narcissistic pervert is a pathological manipulator who will not change, say psychologists. Moving away from it is therefore the only way to be able to rebuild yourself. So let him struggle alone and regain your freedom!