“Pillow face” or puffy face, what is this phenomenon that affects many stars?

“Pillow face” or puffy face, what is this phenomenon that affects many stars?

The latest beauty trend in vogue these days? The “pillow face” – or puffy face – which seems to appeal to many personalities. Decryption.

Luscious mouth, cheeks like cushions, “puffy” effect… The “pillow face” trend does not go unnoticed. And for good reason: the faces of certain stars begin to swell all over.

“Deformed” faces, smooth and without wrinkles

Kylie Jenner, Adriana Lima, Madonna… Many of them would have succumbed to the “pillow face” trend, a phenomenon characterized by a swollen, smooth and sometimes frozen appearance of the face, giving the impression that the person has the head placed on a pillow.

However, according to Internet users, these facial deformations are not linked to any weight gain… but rather to an excess of hyaluronic acid injections. These famous little bites which smooth wrinkles and fine lines, restore volume and revitalize the skin.

The problem ? If, in small doses, these injections allow the volume of the face to be reconstructed without swelling, it is the abuse of this practice which creates damage.

The ‘cushion face’ results from excessive injections of hyaluronic acid fillers spaced too closely over time or simply poorly carried out.”, explains Dr Sarah Fadli, medical director of Maison Lutetia in Paris, to Marie-Claire magazine. “A high amount of injected product may alter facial appearance and natural expressions.”

Simply put, excess hyaluronic acid accumulates under the skin or migrates to the wrong place. The “Pillow face” then gives an artificial and unnatural appearance: the face feels “congested”.

If injected excessively, the product can distort the features. Remember that hyaluronic acid is a hydrophilic molecule that captures and absorbs water present in the skin, a bit like a sponge.“, warns the expert.

Excess botox and hyaluronic acid: be careful, danger

Interviewed on this subject as part of a previous article, Dr. Picovski, cosmetic surgeon, assured us that “LThe main risk is being disfigured in the event of excess..

“Even if it is minimal, the risk of infection also increases with each injection,” he clarified.