A cup of this drink a day could reduce the risk of diabetes according to a new study

A cup of this drink a day could reduce the risk of diabetes according to a new study

Coffee, tea, orange juice, milk… what’s your morning drink? Please note that this choice is not trivial since one of its drinks could reduce your risk of diabetes, according to researchers.

Whether green, white or black, it’s a fact: tea is good for your health. It is also believed to have numerous antioxidant, anti-stress and even anti-wrinkle properties. The latest one? A supposed “anti-diabetes” virtue. Researchers from the University of Adelaide in Australia and the Southeast University in China have noted that drinking a cup of tea a day reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 28%. .Explanations.

Prediabetes reduced by 15%

For this study, 1923 Chinese adults were recruited. Among them, 436 had diabetes, 352 had prediabetes, and 1135 had normal blood sugar levels.

All were questioned about the frequency of their tea consumption (never, occasionally, often, every day, etc.) as well as the type of tea drunk (green, black, dark, etc.).

The scientists then analyzed the excretion of glucose in the candidates’ urine as well as their insulin resistance.

Result ? Daily tea consumption was associated with increased urinary glucose excretion and reduced insulin resistance. Researchers also noted that this famous daily cup of tea reduced prediabetes by 15% and type 2 diabetes by 28% – compared to people who never drink it.

Our results suggest protective effects of habitual tea consumption on glycemic management via increased glucose excretion in urine, improved insulin resistance and therefore better glycemic control.“, confides Professor Tongzhi Wu, lead author of the study.

Interesting fact : “These benefits were more pronounced among daily black tea drinkers.”, he adds. Black tea lovers actually had a reduced risk of prediabetes (-53%) and type 2 diabetes (-47%).

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Black tea, more protective than others?

According to Professor Tongzhi Wu, the beneficial effects of black tea on metabolic control can be explained by its unique manufacturing process, which involves microbial fermentation (a process that modifies its chemical composition and helps it develop unique bioactive compounds, editor’s note).

Our results suggest that daily consumption of black tea has the potential to reduce the risk and progression of type 2 diabetes through improved blood sugar control.”conclude the scientists.

The only obstacles to this study? An association between diabetes prevention and tea consumption has been discovered but it does not make it possible to establish a causal link.

On the other hand, the results of this study are based on patient testimonials (observational study) and not monitoring of a large cohort of patients. The degree of proof is less important than a study which would have followed a cohort of patients for years.

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