A Finnish psychologist reveals these 3 things to do to be happy

A Finnish psychologist reveals these 3 things to do to be happy

If Finland is the country where the inhabitants are the happiest, it is no coincidence… The Finns cultivate happiness thanks to three essential pillars in their daily lives. Frank Martela, a Finnish psychology researcher and philosopher, reveals these three ways to make you happier.

The search for happiness is a quest for many people. If everyone gives their good advice and tips; Wouldn’t the best solution be to take an example from our Nordic neighbors? Indeed, the Finns have adopted 3 fundamental pillars for their well-being. TipsForWomens reveals their secret to being happy.

A deep connection with those around you

Interviewed by CNBC, Frank Martela, a Finnish psychology researcher and philosopher, reveals that the happiness of residents is not innate but is based, among other things, on a deep feeling of community belonging. Unlike our increasingly individualistic societies, Finns rely a lot on those around them. In practice, this translates into very simple things like playing cards with friends or checking in on loved ones regularly.

Do good around you

We have already mentioned it in other articles, kindness is fundamental to developing a sense of well-being. Taking care of others is also taking care of yourself. Moreover, a study from Ohio State University shows that altruism increases the feeling of satisfaction and happiness. On a daily basis, this could mean complimenting someone or giving a helping hand to someone in need. Although these small actions may seem trivial, they allow you to feel satisfaction and thus increase your general well-being.

Good in his body, good in his head!

The quest for a life purpose

This last pillar is undoubtedly the most difficult to implement but it is nevertheless essential. The psychologist advises starting from what makes you happy and finding a common thread throughout your life in order to arrive at a final goal that corresponds to what gives you happiness. The advantage? You will have an easier time overcoming difficulties when you have a clear objective.

Aware that Finland is for the fifth consecutive year the happiest country in the world; the expert does not hesitate to say that governments have a share of responsibility for the well-being of its inhabitants: “I tend to say that governments cannot make people happy, but they can eliminate many sources of unhappiness“.

From now on, we no longer hesitate to formulate the motto of Finnish happiness: “sisu, sauna and salmiakki”. A true state of mind that can allow us to access well-being.