This iron-rich fruit helps fight bad cholesterol

This iron-rich fruit helps fight bad cholesterol

Did you know that it is possible to reduce your cholesterol level by favoring certain foods? Here is a fruit rich in iron, and very beneficial for your body, that you should include in your diet!

Eating a healthy diet and choosing your foods accordingly is the key to good health. To help you, dates seem to be very good allies. These dried fruits, originating from the Middle East and North Africa region, are appreciated in particular for their sweet flavor and tender texture. These dried fruits are often eaten as a snack, or in certain cooking recipes to provide sweetness. In addition, dates have multiple benefits and virtues for your health, including fighting against bad cholesterol. Ready to discover the others?

A fruit excellent for health

However you like to eat them, dates are great for your health. The reason ? This fruit contains a significant contribution of nutrients such as fiber, vitamins (B6 and K) but also iron, potassium, magnesium, copper and manganese. The list of nutrients is long, as are the benefits that dates confer.

In fact they:

  • Delay cell aging thanks to their antioxidant properties;
  • Stimulate intestinal transit and prevent constipation, thanks to their fiber;
  • Regulate blood pressure and reduce possible cardiovascular diseases;
  • Reduce inflammation in the body and prevent chronic diseases;
  • Act as an appetite suppressant and help in particular to regulate weight;
  • Fight against bad cholesterol;
  • Strengthen bones;
  • Constitute a perfect energy supply, before a sports session.

NO to diets, YES to WW!

To consume with moderation

However, although it is a very nutritionally interesting food, dates must be consumed in moderation. Moreover, nutritionist Raphaël Gruman informed us in a previous article: “Because they are rich in fiber, they can cause digestive problems in the most sensitive people, such as bloating, pain or even diarrhea.”

In addition, it is a very sugary product which can cause an increase in blood sugar or dental caries. “With their high Glycemic Index (55), dates should be consumed in moderation by people with diabetes and ideally at the end of a meal rich in plants”specifies Raphaël Gruman.

Also be careful because in allergic people, they can be responsible for reactions such as skin rashes.

Foods low in cholesterol

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