A new brand of premium household appliances, Casarte, has appeared in Europe

A new brand of premium household appliances, Casarte, has appeared in Russia

In recent years, many relatively young Chinese brands have entered the international market for premium goods and services. Advanced Chinese electronics, cars, smart gadgets for the home and other technologies have provided strong competition to European and American brands. The world, especially in electronics, is changing and becoming saturated with innovation so quickly that younger companies that are not afraid of bold steps have many chances of success: today they are able to achieve leading positions within just a few years. Casarte, a new premium brand of household appliances from China, is just one of these – we’ll tell you why it’s interesting.

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History Marry

The Casarte brand of premium household appliances was first introduced to the general public in September 2007 and has since been developing under the wing of the Haier Group, the largest conglomerate manufacturer of household appliances in the world.

The phenomenon of this brand is interesting primarily from the image side: many brands, before moving on to the production of premium equipment, have gone through a rather long development path. Casarte, by its own example, proves that a young image brand does not necessarily have to start its business with consumer goods, going through a long path of evolution. On the contrary, many Chinese companies are now characterized by rapid development and entry into the international market (as, for example, premium automobile brands Hongqi, Zeekr, Tank and others did) in just a few years. China’s rapid economic growth, technological and consumer industry developments mean that the “new Chinese premium” is entering the market with confidence, succeeding due to its innovation, flexibility, significantly increased quality and attention to detail.

Brand philosophy

In its philosophy, Casarte refers to the world’s artistic heritage, as well as the ideas of harmony between technology and natural beauty. Casarte’s color palette is inspired, to put it poetically, by “moonlight reflecting on the serene surface of water.” Each brand product represents a combination of advanced engineering solutions and original design. It is based on natural lines.

Casarte appliances are positioned as an uncompromising choice for the implementation of bold interior ideas that go beyond the capabilities of the mass market: each device is in many ways a work of art that you won’t want to hide in the back of the kitchen or laundry room.

Casarte Flagship Products

Double Drum washer-dryer column

A striking example of design thought is the “seamless” Casarte Double Drum washer-dryer column, awarded the Red Dot Awards. This system has no analogues. In a single building, engineers combined a full-fledged drying machine with a load of up to 9 kg of laundry – it is equipped with a heat pump, an inverter motor and a fan – and a washing machine, also with an inverter motor and a load of up to 12 kg.

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At the same time, the capabilities of artificial intelligence have made it possible to change the approach to the washing process. Using multisensors, the machine is able to determine the type of fabric, select the temperature mode, adjust the speed, washing time, and other parameters for effective and gentle removal of contaminants. The i-Refresh function refreshes your laundry without adding detergents: a micron-sized cloud of water molecules does all the work. In 2009, the first concept machine of this form factor was included in the top 10 best energy-saving products of the year, and in 2018, Casarte received the Chinese National Award of the second degree for innovation in the field of drum washing machines.

French Door Refrigerators

The second super-flagship of Casarte was the premium line of French Door refrigerators – they are equipped with several freshness zones for different products, an ice generator, as well as functions of intelligent sterilization and monitoring of food freshness. The functionality of the device is also expanded by the proprietary evo application – with its help you can remotely control and configure the refrigerator, monitor its status, receive notifications, alerts and recommendations, as well as receive online support.

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Wine cabinet

The brand’s assortment includes a spacious wine cabinet, on the oak shelves of which you can place an entire collection. The cabinet creates a microclimate ideal for storing different types of wine – the temperature is regulated within two independent zones. The cabinet also features an area for placing glasses and a separate display shelf, thanks to which your favorite and collectible drinks will not go unnoticed. You can also control humidity and temperature using the evo app.

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These Casarte products are combined into a single ecosystem – control and condition monitoring are possible using a proprietary smartphone application.

Business model and prospects in Europe

In a short time, Casarte managed to develop an original brand philosophy and recognizable design, as well as introduce advanced engineering solutions into its products. The consumer receives not only a technically and aesthetically perfect product, but also top-level service throughout its entire service life. This business model puts the brand on par with industry leaders, maintaining a high level of consumer loyalty.

I wonder how the audience will greet the brand in Europe and whether it will become a sign of good taste in luxury interiors and design projects – just as cars from China have already managed to do, displacing even famous European competitors in just a few years.

In Europe, the opening of the first Casarte boutique is planned for this spring. The first store will be located in Moscow.

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