Tok beauty: a simple (but effective) tip to obtain luscious lips

Tok beauty: a simple (but effective) tip to obtain luscious lips

Yes to natural beauty, but there is no question of sacrificing (totally) your makeup routine. If many social users seem to be slowly but surely abandoning lip injections, they do not intend to give up showing off a luscious mouth. As a result, subterfuges of all kinds are multiplying on social networks to obtain plump lips without having to go through the injections box.

Beauty treatments are becoming more and more natural, with a renunciation of certain aesthetic medicine techniques, but this does not prevent women from placing emphasis on their lips, more colorful and luscious than ever. If this part of the face was neglected during the pandemic, due to confinements and the wearing of masks, it is today the object of all obsessions. The proof is with the beauty trends that have gone viral recently, starting with diamond lips, cherry cola lips, and even latex lips. So many beauty inspirations seeking to make the mouth more shiny and plumper than ever, without having to use fillers.

The “lip combo”, the new lip beauty trend

This is exactly the aim of the latest trend, the “lip combo”, which consists of obtaining plump and perfectly defined lips in no time – and without the risk of regretting it. On social networks, TikTok in the lead, all means are good to achieve this, provided you use accessible products and do not have to spend hours in your bathroom. As a result, the techniques relating to the “lip combo” (yes, there are several) are multiplying at great speed on the Asian platform, and each turns out to be more original than the other.

But what is the “lip combo”? This technique is based on a trend straight from the 1990s, long relegated to the background and considered old-fashioned: lip contouring with pencil. The “lip combo” therefore consists of combining two products to enhance your lips and obtain that coveted luscious appearance, most often a lip pencil and a gloss or a lip pencil and a lipstick. This method, which may seem banal to some, is a hit on TikTok, with no less than five billion views for the dedicated hashtag. A true phenomenon that (even) the stars have embraced.

@emrata @Hourglass Cosmetics lip combo on repeat: Shape & Sculpt Lip Liner in Uncover and Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm in Haze #hourglass ♬ Pretty (Sped Up) – MEYY

A trend already adopted by the stars

Hailey Bieber, Taylor Swift, Rosalía, Megan Thee Stallion, and Kylie Jenner are among the celebrities who have already adopted the trend, and regularly appear with a “lip combo”. American model Emily Ratajkowski even went so far as to share her favorite tips and products in a tutorial published on TikTok, and viewed nearly nine million times. We see her outline her mouth with a lip liner then fill it in with a volumizing lip balm. A three-in-one product (moisturizing, plumping, shiny) which is reminiscent of the popularity of socionauts for hybrid cosmetics, combining skincare and make-up, to save time and emphasize on skincare.

But others go even further, transforming the “lip combo” into an even more fun technique – and paving the way for tricks that could prove to be as original as they are wacky. This is the case of Sofia Richie who proposed a surprising “lip combo”. The young woman abandoned the essential lip pencil to concentrate on mixing two shiny lipsticks in distinct shades, decorating everything with a third, much more unexpected product: a corrector, or concealer, intended to add a touch even more glossy and an ombré finish. We will have understood, everything is possible with the “lip combo” as long as you obtain shiny and luscious lips in no time.

@sofiarichiegrainge Love @YSL Beauty Candy Glaze – soo glossy and hydrating #YSLBeautyPartner ♬ original sound – Sofia Richie Grainge