A simple rinse with salon-like results. Recipe for changing color without dyeing

A simple rinse with salon-like results.  Recipe for changing color without dyeing

Autumn is the time when nature dies down, it gets dark earlier and the gloomy aura takes away energy. You can change this by improving your mood at home spa and using a simple, natural recipe for beautiful hair, with an original – autumn twist! – shade. Get to know natural recipes for unusual hair rinses.

A simple rinse with salon-like results.  Recipe for changing color without dyeing

Dyeing your hair does not have to involve its destruction by strong chemicals. Fortunately, there are natural remedies that can be used to change the shade of your hair. One such option is to reach for walnut shells and make a rinse out of them. However, remember to precede even these natural treatments with an allergy test. Nuts are quite strong allergens.

How to make a hair rinse from nuts – recipe, action

Walnuts naturally darken the hair, so they are especially recommended for brunettes, brown hair and dark blondes, where the effects will be the most beneficial. If you are not sure whether the new color is right for you, start by using the rinse on selected strands of hair.

Use walnut shells for this purpose, pour hot, but not boiling water over them and set aside for an hour. The rinse prepared in this way is ready for use. Rinse your hair. Remember, however, that the effect will be permanent if you repeat this treatment regularly.

Natural rinses for darkening hair

Other methods for naturally darkening hair include rinses:

  • horsetail rinse, which perfectly nourishes the hair,
  • nettle rinse, which also has a strengthening effect,
  • also a sage gargle, which, by the way, can also be used to drink in autumn for sore throats and inflammations.

Similarly, you can drink horsetail and nettle as tea and your hair will grow like crazy. However, you must be careful if you are prone to the appearance of fluff on your face, because these natural remedies work on all hairs without exception – even those that we prefer to get rid of, and we certainly do not want to strengthen them!

Natural hair lightening rinses

However, if you prefer to create lighter highlights in your hair, you can use rinses with the addition of chamomile, which also has anti-inflammatory properties and, when consumed in the form of tea, has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. Acacia honey may also be worth attention due to its brightening properties; it is also a very healthy product when consumed orally.