The 10 best snacks for children according to Yuka

The 10 best snacks for children according to Yuka

Snack time is one of children’s favorite meals. To choose your biscuits and other sweets, the Yuka application guides us in our choices. Discover the 10 best chocolate snacks for children.

Eating a balanced diet also includes children’s snacks. But in the aisle of biscuits and other sweet cakes; It’s not easy to make the best choice for our toddlers. Too much sugar, presence of additives or even too salty… Supermarket snacks don’t always get a good press. The Yuka application has therefore calculated the best ratio of proteins, fibers, sugars and saturated fats in order to rate the best snacks.

The 10 Best Chocolate Snacks for Kids

Chocolate is often THE star of snacks. Children and parents love its taste. Here are the 10 best chocolate snacks according to Yuka:

  • Bjorg’s ginger chocolate cookies rated 88/100 on Yuka
  • Carrefour organic chocolate oat cookies rated 88/100 on Yuka
  • Cocoa & cereal biscuits from Gerblé rated 84/100 on Yuka
  • Gerblé sugar-free cocoa nugget cookies rated 78/100 on Yuka
  • Gerlinéa chocolate cereal biscuits rated 78/100 on Yuka
  • Dukan chocolate-covered biscuits rated 78/100 on Yuka
  • Breakfast Chocolate Banana flavor from Gerblé rated 70/100 on Yuka
  • Hazelnut flavored shortbread with chocolate chips from Gerblé rated 69/100 on Yuka
  • Organic Oat Chocolate Shortbread from Karéléa rated 67/100 on Yuka
  • U Organic Whole Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies rated 67/100 on Yuka

What does the ideal snack for children consist of?

If cakes are chosen for their nutritional value, children’s snacks must be made up of several foods in order to be balanced and provide everything your child needs. According to nutritionists, the ideal snack therefore consists of a dairy product (glass of milk, yogurt or even cottage cheese); a portion of fruit (preferably seasonal); and starchy foods in the form of cereal products (whole grains). These provide carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber for good intestinal transit.

Be aware, however, that snack time is not an essential meal given the fact that daily sugar intakes are very often higher than nutritional recommendations. Therefore, it is better to favor homemade snacks which allow the quantities of sugar to be adjusted and to ensure the quality of the foods consumed by the youngest.