Add one ingredient to the water. Effect: beautiful skin, healthy hair, good sleep

Add one ingredient to the water.  Effect: beautiful skin, healthy hair, good sleep

Known years ago mainly in France, over time it has gained supporters all over the world. It is perfect for care and health. Natural and delicate, it has a number of advantages. Why and how is it worth using lavender water?

Add one ingredient to the water.  Effect: beautiful skin, healthy hair, good sleep

Lavender water has a nurturing and healing effect

Lavender water, if you don’t use it yet, will certainly find a place in your medicine cabinet and cosmetics bag once you learn about the list of its benefits. Lavender water is nature itself. You can use it regardless of age or gender.

It does not contain artificial dyes, and no one needs to be convinced of its beautiful scent. Other flower waters, such as rose petal water, have similar properties. However, lavender water is gaining more and more supporters due to its unique scent.

Lavender water – how can it be used?

It is made by distilling lavender twigs using steam. This is how essential oil is created. Lavender water is the result of steam distillation. To obtain a liter of lavender hydrolate, you need to use as much as a kilogram of lavender flowers.

Lavender water for hair

It has a similarly beneficial effect on hair, restoring shine and reducing brittleness. It can also have a soothing effect on the scalp, reducing the problem of dandruff.

Lavender water for skin

Lavender water is useful for washing facial skin. It works great in this role, thanks to its optimal pH level. Lavender water can be used to remove makeup. Lavender water regenerates, soothes irritations, and improves the condition of the skin.

Lavender water is also recommended in summer, after excessive exposure to the sun, as it can soothe irritation after sunburn. In addition, lavender water reduces skin imperfections and helps deal with acne, including skin lesions related to allergic reactions and inflammation.

Lavender water can be successfully used even by children due to its gentleness in contact with the epidermis. Soothes minor morning wounds and regenerates. Therefore, it is suitable for both dry and oily skin.

Lavender water has a cleansing, refreshing, regenerating and gently astringent effect. You can buy it ready-made in a store or try to make lavender water at home, e.g. with the addition of – in addition to lavender – chamomile, lemon or linden.

Combined with clay, lavender water can be a great mask. However, in combination with oatmeal, it can be a natural peeling.

This is not the only use of lavender. Lavender oils can be found in creams, shampoos, balms and other cosmetic products.

Lavender water – use at home

Lavender water, used indoors, gives a beautiful scent, and when sprayed on the face, it helps maintain optimal hydration of the facial skin, even if the air around it is dry.

Lavender water for the bedroom and for ironing

By sprinkling lavender water on the bedding, you will guarantee a beautiful scent in the bedroom and a healthy sleep. Some people use lavender water when ironing clothes, thanks to which they gain a unique lavender aroma for longer.