Ambra breaks up with Allegri. The daughter on Instagram: “Is whoever trusts or cheats wrong?”

Ambra breaks up with Allegri.  The daughter on Instagram: "Is whoever trusts or cheats wrong?"

Ambra receives the Tapir for the end of the story with Allegri. The daughter Jolanda vents on Instagram: “Is it really necessary to rage?”

Jolanda, the daughter of Ambra Angiolini and Francesco Renga intervenes in the Stories of Instagram in defense of the mother who is “rewarded” with the Golden Tapir from Striscia la Notizia for the end of the story with Massimiliano Allegri.

The long outburst of Jolanda, born in 2004, on Instagram confirms that now the love between Ambra and Allegri has come to an end after four years and a long trail of gossip about removals, rings and alleged weddings.

Ambra-Allegri is over: she receives the Golden Tapir

The indiscretion on the break between the actress and the Juve coach came from the magazine Chi where we read that Angiolini would have done everything to keep the relationship going but Allegri has disappeared. And now for this breakup, Ambra, who is also Leonardo’s mother, born of love for Renga, is given the Golden Tapir, but her daughter Jolanda doesn’t fit in and on Instagram she expresses all her bitterness and suffering. living the mother, in fact confirming the breakup.

Ambra Angiolini Valerio Staffelli Tapiro d'oro

Staffelli gives the Tapir to Amber

In the October 13 episode of Striscia la Notizia Ambra receives her first Golden Tapir for the break with Allegri. “He stood out on the wing. What happened?” Valerio Staffelli pursues her. The actress, regarding the ghosting suffered by the now ex-partner, replies several times: “I don’t know”. But, handing her the Tapir, Staffelli replies: “He will never leave her alone”. And the former face of Non è la Rai: “Let’s say that at least the Tapir enters the house in Milan…”.

Ambra, the outburst of her daughter Jolanda on Instagram

But the daughter of Ambra and Francesco Renga, underlining the lack of sensitivity of this gesture, writes on Instagram: “Today my mother received the Tapir following the publication of various articles on the end of her relationship but the reason is not clear to me”.

Then he defends the privacy of his mother: “I know well that, as a public figure, according to some it is right that his life, even his private one, be heralded to the rooftops, but is it really necessary to rage?”.

He wonders why choosing to rage only on Ambra and not on both, as if trusting the one you love is a fault: “Why come to her in Milan? Why not go to Turin? ”. And he continues: “Why did he trust the person he was with and with whom he shared four years of his life !?”.

Jolanda also refers to a betrayal: “And even if this person turned out to be different in the end, is the fault of those who trust or those who betray trust, and betray in every possible sense? What is so reprehensible or “loser” in trusting and loving? “.

Ambra’s daughter gives an important lesson: “When you play, you play along, I agree, but this doesn’t seem to me to be the case. And tell me what you want, that I am heavy, that I don’t know how to joke, that I ask questions about non-existent problems, that the real problems are others, but it doesn’t make me laugh, the suffering of other people doesn’t amuse me “.

And then the greatest demonstration of love for the mother: “And yes I feel like saying it because my mother is involved, but I think it regardless”.

Jolanda Renga Instagram

Jolanda’s outburst on Instagram

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