American scientists have discovered the most relaxing song in the world

American scientists have discovered the most relaxing song in the world

If music has many virtues, could it be the secret to (finally) relaxing? American scientists have found the piece of music that allows you to relax.

A few weeks ago, a Japanese study extolled the virtues of dancing for 3 minutes to our favorite pieces of music. Today, new work comparing the effects of medications to those of a soothing song intended to calm the mind before a medical intervention has been the subject of an American study. Check out the results.

A song by Marconi Union would have relaxing virtues

To carry out their work, researchers from the Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit at the University of Pennsylvania asked one group of participants to listen to “Weightless”, a song by Marconi Union, while the other group took a benzodiazepine medicine, intended to relieve anxiety, stress or insomnia. This choice of song is not trivial. Indeed, during a previous study conducted by a neuro-marketing company with 40 women; the track would have been rated as particularly relaxing. Results ? “Remarkably, the song had similar effects to benzodiazepine, but of course the songs had no side effects. It’s really deep and powerful“, notes clinical psychologist Jennifer Taitz at Mindbodygreen.

Music that helps promote sleep

According to Doctor David Lewis-Hodgson, head of this study “the title Weightless induces the best possible relaxation, more than any other music ever tested. Neuroimaging studies have also demonstrated that music, at a very high level in the brain, stimulates not only the parts responsible for sound, but also those linked to the individual’s emotion.“. Thus, this song would allow patients to be more serene before a surgical procedure. Other good news, this song would also help promote sleep. Indeed, in the previous study, it was shown that this song helped reduce anxiety by 65%. We know that this form of worry and intense fear can have harmful effects on falling asleep and sleeping.

What if this weekend you tried this original relaxation method?